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The Mushroom Factory allows you to grow your own  Mushrooms at home, all year round. Each Mushroom Factory is a no mess, no fuss self-contained grow unit with everything you need conveniently supplied to you.

Currently available in the Mushroom Factory range are White Oyster Mushrooms, Pink Oyster Mushrooms and White Button Mushrooms, and Shiitake kits. Mushroom Factories are available at most nurseries in the Jo’burg area and their website has a list of all their suppliers.

“In terms of growing your own food, this is a really fun way to do it” said Carla de Freitas, co-founder of the Mushroom Factory. “The idea was to create a fun, hassle-free and basically fool-proof method of growing your own Mushrooms at home. The concept seemed to fit in with what we were seeing around us. Firstly there is the demand for fresh, preservative free food- this is easily met by growing your own. Secondly, Mushrooms are a Super food- rich in vitamins and minerals with loads of otherhealth benefits”

Mushroom Factories are a complete unit. All the mushroom enthusiast has to do is follow the simple instructions to set up the Mushroom Factory. Keep it in a place with suitable light and temperatureand water twice a day. Within three weeks (and often sooner) mushrooms will start to form and 8 days from then, mushrooms can be harvested. Over an 8 week lifespan of the Mushroom Factory, mushroom growers can expect 2-3 flushes of Mushrooms is an informative, up-to-date website that offers consumers advice and guidance on all aspects of their mushroom kits from set-up to harvest, a range of fun facts and recipes.

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