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Oh, and in case you’re wondering what this ImmoAfrica name is all about?!
/iˈmo/ af•ri•ca/ˈafrikə/
(noun) Refers to immovable property in Africa

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Properties for Sale and Rent in South Africa

South Africa is as diverse as it is beautiful. Situated on the southernmost tip of Africa, it is a nation rich in culture, history, and opportunity.

For those looking to buy property in South Africa, it offers a range of lifestyle choices. You will find cosmopolitan urban areas, leafy suburban comfort, and even remote, exotic locations. All surrounded by the incomparable natural beauty of the country. Start your property search here:
Residential for Sale | Residential to Rent
Commercial for Sale | Commercial to Let

Homes for Sale and Rent in Gauteng

They say dynamite comes in small packages. That is definitely the case with Gauteng!

South Africa’s smallest province is the driving force behind the entire South African economy. Gauteng is the seat of the South African financial, commercial and industrial sectors. The province contributes roughly a third of South Africa’s GDP.

Those who relocate to Gauteng often do so because of the rich opportunities available there.
Homes for Sale in Gauteng
Homes to Rent in Gauteng
Commercial Properties to Let in Gauteng
Commercial Properties for Sale in Gauteng

Homes for Sale and Rent in Western Cape

Are you considering buying a property in the Western Cape Province of South Africa?

People from across the globe flock here and fall in love!

And it’s no wonder why! There you will find an eclectic, cosmopolitan lifestyle, all against the backdrop of one of the most strikingly beautiful natural settings in the world.
Homes for Sale in Western Cape
Homes to Rent in Western Cape
Commercial Properties to Let in Western Cape
Commercial Properties for Sale in Western Cape

Homes for Sale and Rent in Kwazulu-Natal

To buy property in KwaZulu-Natal is to have a stake in a subtropical, fertile, productive province of immaculate beauty. KwaZulu-Natal truly is the garden province of South Africa! Its higher rainfall produces greenery throughout the province and drives its booming agriculture.

Add to this the allure of the warm Indian Ocean and the majesty of the Drakensberg range. The sum is an exciting world in one province!
Homes for Sale in Kwazulu-Natal
Homes to Rent in Kwazulu-Natal
Commercial Properties to Let in Kwazulu-Natal
Commercial Properties for Sale in Kwazulu-Natal

Homes for Sale and Rent in North West

What is in store for those who are looking for property in the North West Province of South Africa? They will enjoy a superlative experience of beautiful scenery under the pleasant warmth of the African sun.

This is against the backdrop of a pumping mining and agricultural industry. Not to mention some of the most exciting and opulent tourism treats in the country!
Homes for Sale in North West
Homes to Rent in North West

Homes for Sale and Rent in Mpumalanga

If you’re looking for a beautiful place in the sun, you may be looking for property in Mpumalanga! The name of the province means “the place where the sun rises”.

The mountainous scenery, spectacular animal life, and lush plant life bring people here year after year. Here you will find the famous Kruger National Park, the aptly-named Panorama Route, and property out of your dreams.

Tired of cramped, bustling big-city life? Purchase a home in Mpumalanga!
Homes for Sale in Mpumalanga
Homes to Rent in Mpumalanga

Homes for Sale and Rent in Limpopo

South Africans call Limpopo the gateway to Africa. It borders Botswana, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique. On the southern side of the province lie the South African provinces of Mpumalanga, North West, and Gauteng.

As a result, Limpopo has become an important link for international distribution lines, as it connects Gauteng’s powerful economy and the rest of Sub-Saharan Africa. The Great North Road (N1) runs through the province from North to South.
Homes for Sale in Limpopo
Homes to Rent in Limpopo

Homes for Sale and Rent in Free State

When you choose to buy a property for sale in the Free State you are selecting a wonderful, enjoyable climate. The fertile soil of the province produces over two-thirds of South Africa’s grain.

The Free State is South Africa’s breadbasket, the heart of the country, and a haven for lovers of the outdoors!

It is also called the heart of South Africa because of the hospitality of the people. There is a warm friendly atmosphere in the lifestyle of the residents.
Homes for Sale in Free State
Homes to Rent in Free State

Homes for Sale and Rent in Eastern Cape

The Eastern Cape will stun you with its beauty and history! The land here has long been loved and enjoyed by many diverse peoples.

It is the traditional home of the Xhosa people, the landing point of the 1820 settlers, and the birthplace of international icon Nelson Mandela.

Today, it is loved by the many who decided to own property in Eastern Cape.
Homes for Sale in Eastern Cape
Homes to Rent in Eastern Cape

Homes for Sale and Rent in Northern Cape

Pristine. Untouched. Spacious. Property in the Northern Cape has a magnetic beauty which you won’t find anywhere else!

It’s no surprise that the motto of the province translates as “We go to a better life.”

This motto was registered in the original Khoisan language of the indigenous Khomani people. This people group is one of many diverse groups who have loved and appreciated the province’s unique charms.
Homes for Sale in Northern Cape
Homes to Rent in Northern Cape

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