About us What is ImmoAfrica?

Experience ImmoAfrica.net as your search portal of choice for African real estate! Your international home buying process is an exciting and rewarding journey. Why not start with South Africa’s premier property search website, where thousands of properties are updated daily, including houses, apartments, land and farms? With well over 100 000 residential and commercial property listings and our extensive resource centre, you are guaranteed to find what you are looking for!

Our Mission

Our mission is to be experienced as the African real estate listing platform of choice targeting non-African buyers, investors and holiday-makers.

What’s with the name?

What Africa???
/iˈmo/ af•ri•ca/ˈafrikə/
(noun) Refers to immovable property in Africa

What we do

Created out of the desire to move away from the customary and the conventional, our vision is fed by our passion for the complete symbiosis of real estate and technology.  In driving this vision our credo aims to make the international home-finding process an exciting and rewarding experience.  Our focus is on efficiency, optimisation and transparency, to give our users the leading-edge, across the board in accelerating their real estate efforts.

How do we earn money?

ImmoAfrica is not a real estate agency or property broker. We do not take any commission on real estate transactions. We make money through advertising and exclusive content partnerships. Home seekers contact and deal with real estate professionals directly. ImmoAfrica does not sell your personal information to anyone. For more information see our privacy policy.

Our pursuit

  • We Believe that searching for your new home should be a pleasant and exciting venture. So, all our efforts focus around optimising functionality, usability and transparency while integrating powerful real estate information to help you make smart decisions.
  • We Listen to our customers as we understand that the best ideas come from user feedback, irrespective of positive or negative. We turn bad into good and good into excellent.
  • We Love real estate and technology – together, incredible things can be achieved.
  • We Emphasize quality. Regular quality checks ensure properties listed on immoafrica comply with what we refer to as MLC – minimum listing criteria.
  • We Think outside the box – as General George S. Patton once said “If everyone is thinking alike, then someone isn’t thinking!” At ImmoAfrica taking a fresh approach is part of our daily business.
  • We Strive to offer customer service that is nothing less than spectacular – your satisfaction is our reward.
  • We Embrace challenge and competition – without it, mediocrity is inevitable.
  • We Welcome fresh ideas, fresh business and partnerships – contact us