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Commercial Property to Let Free State

The Free State is South Africa’s breadbasket, the heart of the country!

The fertile soil of the province produces over two-thirds of South Africa’s grain. The province has been referred to as the heart of the country, not only because it is central to the other provinces, but also because of the hospitality of the people. There is a warm friendly atmosphere in the lifestyle of the residents.

Being central to the other provinces means that it is a major link between the economic powerhouse of Gauteng and the coastal region of Cape Town. Thus, the province exercises its hospitable nature each year. It does so by hosting delegates for various national conferences that are held here.

The province is rich in mineral wealth, putting it on the list of the top 5 producers of gold in the world. It also houses South Africa’s two gold refineries. There is also a fuel-from-coal process which operates at Sasolburg.