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Commercial Property to Let Gauteng

They say dynamite comes in small packages. That is definitely the case with Gauteng!

South Africa’s smallest province is the driving force behind the entire South African economy. Gauteng is the seat of the South African financial, commercial and industrial sectors. The province contributes roughly a third of South Africa’s GDP. Those who relocate to Gauteng often do so because of the rich opportunities available there.

Did you know that the very meaning of the name Gauteng points to the wealth and affluence of the province? In the Sesotho language, it means “place of gold”. The discovery of gold here in 1886 kicked off a gold rush. This, in turn, initiated the development of Johannesburg, the city central to the province; and to-date, the area remains the world’s largest gold resource. In the time since the gold rush, business in Gauteng has diversified. There is an entire spectrum of industries apart from trade in precious minerals, where many major international corporations have offices in Gauteng.

The amenities, infrastructure and transportation systems in Gauteng are among the best on the African continent. Commuters enjoy making use of the much-celebrated Gautrain system. This will take you from arrival at OR Tambo International Airport to key destinations across the province. It travels to locations in both Johannesburg and Tshwane.