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Retirement Villages For Sale in Atlantic Seaboard, Western Cape

1 properties available on ImmoAfrica

Houses and Flats in Atlantic Seaboard, Western Cape

Area Information

Some of the most beautiful areas in the country lie across the Atlantic Seaboard in the Western Cape. Tucked away behind Table Mountain, Lion’s Head, and Signal Hill, the area is known for its breath-taking views of the Twelve Apostles and the Atlantic Ocean. Property for sale on the Atlantic Seaboard is in high demand due to its proximity to the Cape Town City Bowl, the Victoria and Alfred Waterfront, the Sea Point promenade, and the incredible beaches surrounding it.

Apart from the accessibility of the area, residents on the Atlantic Seaboard enjoy an exclusive cosmopolitan lifestyle. Buyers are drawn to the urban vibe and the excellent investment opportunities that are available. Real estate is in high demand, not only locally but internationally as well, making it a hotspot for property magnates to build their portfolios. Each suburb is unique and charming in its own way. It is very easy to find an apartment that offers the typical city-living lifestyle or a quieter space away from the rush where you can enjoy the natural landscapes surrounding you.

The suburbs of Granger Bay, Mouille Point, Three Anchor Bay, and Green Point are all closely situated to the V&A Waterfront and nestled against Signal Hill, each offering their own sets of advantages.

Green Point

It is an exciting and lively neighbourhood that attracts mostly professionals seeking apartments. The area is also home to the oldest operational lighthouse in South Africa. The Green Point lighthouse is an established landmark and easily recognizable by its red and white stripes. The lighthouse was originally built in 1824 and its original single-wick lanterns were fuelled by whale sperm oil. Today the lantern uses a modern dioptre lens-flashing light that can be seen for 25 nautical miles.

The area has also been developed to include and promote activities in open spaces. The City of Cape Town introduced The Green Point Urban Park intending to conserve the environment and encourage outdoor activities. The inner park includes a fitness area, a learning park, a play park, an adventure park, a heritage park, and a tea garden. Visitors can also rent bicycles, visit the nursery, and the fresh produce market.

Sea Point

Travelling further south, you will find Sea Point. This suburb lies cosily against Lion’s Head and is home to the famous Sea Point promenade. This wide walkway runs along the coastline and attracts sportspeople, families, and dog-walkers. The promenade is always bustling with energy, and it is the perfect spot to get a view of those gorgeous Cape sunsets.

Sea Point attracts a vibrant crowd and offers a mixture of villas high-rise apartment buildings. Residents and investors flock to this area because the views from the properties are indescribable. It also offers residents a wide range of boutiques, trendy restaurants, and offices.

Bantry Bay

Situated just outside of Sea Point is Bantry Bay. The area offers amazing properties against the slopes of Lion’s Head and on the beachfront. The advantage of Bantry Bay is that it is sheltered from the strong winds that the Cape is known for. It was originally known as Botany Bay after the beautiful botanical gardens that were planted. The plants were used for medicinal uses during their cultivation.

Clifton and Camps Bay

Clifton and Camps Bay are known for their exclusivity and luxury. Clifton beaches are divided into four alcoves and are frequently photographed because of their stunning views. Camps Bay offers a wide stretch of white sand and a blue ocean, decorated with cafes and restaurants along its boulevard. The area is very popular with tourists and local sun-seekers. And if you want the appeal of a quieter, private area, Bakoven is just outside of Camps Bay, offering exquisite villas and luxurious cottages.

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