4 Reasons Why You Should Sell Your Home During The Holidays!

With Christmas only a few days old and New Year just around the corner, asking homeowners the question “Can I sell your home during the holidays?” usually got me a pretty straightforward answer where I’m being told to come back in a few weeks.

Whereas before I might have taken that as their final answer, wished them happy holidays and made a note for a follow up call in a few weeks’ time, this year I had decided to at least try to put up a fight.

Winds of change…

Whether I am talking about those who listed their property in early December or those planning on doing so in January, the Christmas holiday period does cause a dilemma for some.

Sure, the holiday season tends to be a busy one, filled with (visiting) families, relatives stopping by for dinner, finally spending time with the children etc and house hunting might not necessarily fit into that busy schedule!

Nowadays, we have our new technology friend, the smartphone, who allows everyone to be connected all the time. Real estate market updates can now still be received, read and responded to, even during the holiday season.

Perhaps the owners have been trying to sell their Bryanston home for quite some time now and a second wind is highly needed. Time for a new marketing strategy or price reduction might be very timely as well?

While I’m sure I could come up with a long list of reasons why this time of the year is a good time to sell your home, I’ve narrowed it down to the major 4 reasons:

Holiday decorated homes…

How easy on the eyes are all these decorated homes over the holiday period? Sellers are more eager to declutter, clean up and make their their homes more homely than any other time of the year! (How’s that for making the real estate agent’s job a more pleasant one?) The buyers are very well aware of this phenomenon as well, as compliments are given almost non-stop on how beautiful some of these home have been decorated. Isn’t it much easier to picture yourself and your family in some of the rooms when you’re walking through a nicely decorated holiday home?

Less competition of other houses…

Let’s be honest about this one: as mentioned above, we all enjoy the holiday period and look forward to spending extra time with friends and family. Why can’t we put our homeselling process on pause for a few weeks and get back on the market after the holidays?

This line of thinking is exactly why those homeowners, who do decide to continue their marketing, will benefit. The total inventory of available houses drops considerably and the buyers out there doing their home shopping will be faced with a much smaller choice.

Very motivated buyers…

There seems to be a belief (by the sellers) that buyers are avoiding the winter period altogether and that it will get very quiet. I’m not sure where they got that thinking from, because the November-February period usually gets very busy in the property market! Regardless whether the sellers believe the buyers to be hibernating or not, whichever buyers you do encounter shopping for a new property, will be highly motivated!

A fresh start of the new year…

Last but not least, in the end, if you (or your wife) really think family comes first, no worries: postpone selling your Bryanston home until after the holiday period!

Even if you don’t think that selling during this holiday season might be something you would like to submit your family to, how about waiting until the first business day of the new year? The reduced holiday housing inventory will still play in your favor as a seller. All those New Year resolutions (ie stop paying rent & buy something, tax benefits, begin a new start elsewhere etc) produce an entire new batch of motivated buyers, ready to buy right out of the New Year’s Day gate!

Aren’t these the ideal housing market conditions what every seller is looking for? Here you have a limited supply of houses in your neighborhood, motivated buyers eager to get their own place and to top it off, all of these beautifully decorated homes that are easy to present to these buyers?

If you are really ready to sell, this might just be your perfect storm!

How do you see these times when buying/selling a home? Do you agree that these times do present a great moment to sell one’s house? Please comment below!

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