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5 Add-On’s to Build in Your Yard to Increase the Value of Your Home

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  • No.1 - Planting a garden
  • No.2 - Cooking and dining outside
  • No.3 - A backyard pool
  • No.4 - A gateway into the garden
  • No.5 - Outdoor lights

Owning a yard is a huge advantage but not all homeowners use their yard to the fullest.

An empty and barren field can hardly be considered a benefit, so you need to add outdoor improvement to turn your backyard into a pleasant space to spend time in.

Furthermore, once greenery takes over your garden, the value of the entire property will go up as prospective buyers know how to appreciate a well-kept yard.

In case you are wondering what addition you might introduce into your yard, here are just 5 of the most common solutions:

No.1 – Planting a garden

Hardly any backyard can go without an eye-soothing garden.

If you think that planting a garden is hard and it requires a lot of work, you are wrong as there are gardens and there are gardens. A single flower pot can constitute a garden but you might want to add a couple of plants, herbs or flowers more.

A good landscape is great for increasing your home value, but be aware to avoid common mistakes if you want that to be your DIY project.

Choose a corner of the garden that receives enough sunlight and water and start planting! The sooner you bury the seeds, the sooner will you be able to enjoy the scent of wildflowers and herbs.

No.2 – Cooking and dining outside

The garden will never be truly able to blend inside your home unless you transfer a part of your daily routine outside.

In order to for this, you first need utilities such as electricity and water to function outside.

Heck, why not just go bigger than a simple barbecue and build an entire kitchen outside coupled with a large dining table for the whole family. This way, you can use the warm summer nights to spend time in nature while conversing over a hot meal.

In fact, the next person that will live in your house will be delighted that they have a ready-made outdoor kitchen.

No.3 – A backyard pool

Admittedly, everything we have listed so far does not come at a huge cost but if you invest wisely, you could double your money when the “For Sale” sign goes up.

One such home improvement is a swimming pool that is the ultimate luxury you could introduce inside your yard.

If you have purchased a property with a disused pool in the back, take the effort to call a pool renovation company like Exterior in order to liven up the backyard with a body of water. Because of it, the garden will be cooler in the summer and you and your family will have endless fun splashing around.

No.4 – A gateway into the garden

If you have ever tried to place a table on uneven ground, you know how much trouble this task is.

In order for the outdoor kitchen idea to actually work, you are going to have to build a patio that will serve as a literal gateway into the yard.

Plus, if the patio comes with some form of roofing like retractable ones, then you can even dine outside during the heaviest of rain showers. The best thing about a deck is that requires very little maintenance but it significantly raises the market value of your home.

The thing is, everybody wants to stay in touch with the outdoors and the patio is the ideal stepping stone for this desire.

No.5 – Outdoor lights

Spending time outside, lounging, eating, sipping a cocktail or playing board games can turn into a nightmare when swarms of mosquitoes appear.

Instead of flailing your hands around, you can try to use the light in your favor against this pestilence.

Simply place outdoor LED lampposts in the far corners of the yard for ambiance. These light sources will act as a distraction for mosquitoes and other flying pests.

Although real estate agents will not bring people during the night to look at your property, be sure that buyers will notice the lampposts that double as decorative pieces in the yard.

You can choose one or all the five garden improvements listed here but be sure that will make an excellent investment, including the swimming pool!

Every dollar you invest now will turn into two dollars once the time comes to set the asking price with the realtors.


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