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Aerolatte Caffe Porcellana Stove Top Coffee Maker

Moka Pot, caffettiera, macchinetta del caffe, Italian coffee pot – whatever you call it, it makes a fine brew.

This porcelain moka pot from Aerolatte takes the metal moka pot and adds a touch of classy porcelain. And instead of brewing the coffee in the jug, however, the coffee is brewed in the middle section, and poured into the jug via the spout. This enables the drinker to remove the porcelain jug from the pot when it’s finished, to pour into a cup to drink. Classy.


To use:

Pour water into the enamelled, aluminium base and fill up to either of the marked levels. Fill the funnel with ground coffee, and place inside the base – do not tamp the coffee down. Screw the top section into the enamel base. Place the ceramic pot under the spout, and heat on the stovetop. Heat until all the coffee has passed into the ceramic pot. Remove from the heat, and remove the ceramic jug for serving your perfect, super smooth espresso.

Courtesy of YuppieChef

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