Does My Agent Care About Me Or Just The Commission?

Property – particularly residential property – represents the single biggest investment that most people will make in a lifetime. When the time comes to buy or sell, clients want to know, more than anything, that their interests are protected. Properly managed, a property transaction creates value for all, buyers, sellers and agents.

At Harcourts Platinum, we understand this. Client service is a privilege and a responsibility, and commissions must be earned to the satisfaction of our clients. It’s not only an ethical choice, but it represents good and sustainable business.

Property is a long-term game. Homeowners will typically move through several properties in the course of a lifetime, each time requiring the services of an agent. And an ever more mobile population is making the property industry substantively one of repeat and referral business. This, more than anything, is how value is built in the industry.

Real estate agents (and agencies) are increasingly recognising that their work is one in personal relationships and trust cannot be over-emphasised. Indeed, in an era of instant communications, protecting one’s reputation is intrinsic to staying in the business. No longer does an estate agent need to worry about an irate letter to a local paper – these days, complaints can go viral on social media in hours!

Clear, respectful and candid communication constitute an important part of relationship-management in the property industry. Both agents and clients must be realistic in their promises and requests; and the better the communication, the less potential for unpleasant surprises.

In this sense, best practice recognises that caring about the commission cannot be separated from caring for the client.  We agree on the commission structure up front and in writing, and the client knows exactly what he is getting and what he is paying for.

The quality of professional training provided to our staff gives the customer the benefit of the best service and marketing available.

No less important, Harcourts Platinum staff are expected to demonstrate absolute honesty and integrity at all times. Their interests are our interests. When we deliver on our undertaking our clients don’t’ resent the fee we earn – they appreciate it’s a professional fee paid for a professional service.  Our relationship with our clients is a lifetime commitment – the essence of our business.

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