Apartment or House? Which Do You Buy?

Since the beginning of Hollywood movies, we have been led to believe that buying an apartment (or a flat/condo) is an extremely romantic notion.

What can be better than coming home to a low maintenance place where you have windows that overlook the majestic city lights or a picturesque ocean scene?

Then again, wouldn’t it be amazing to have the whole white picket fence, green lawn vibe with a beautiful veranda attached to a house? Or maybe even a modernized kitchen overlooking a crystal-clear swimming pool?

Like most things, the picture that is painted for us is not realistic. For many young adults, becoming independent is a huge milestone, but many wonder whether they should buy an apartment or house.

Like all things, there are some pros and cons, and many people will believe one is better than the other.

What it all boils down to are your personal needs and choices: it is important to heed caution when making this decision as it is not something that can be taken back once the process has started.

And the last thing you want is getting a case of buyer’s remorse!

Here are a number of things that you ought to keep in mind before buying an apartment or house:

Think of finances

Buying a property is one of the biggest investments you will ever make, which is why it makes sense that the financial details of the property are going to be a huge factor in making the decision.

Apartments are usually much cheaper than houses are, with penthouses being the exception to the rule. The latter will probably be much more expensive than a small one-bedroom house in a suburb.

What is important here is that you decide (1) what you can spend on a home and (2) what your personal needs are!

And factor in things like whether you prefer the city or suburbs, and the lifestyle you currently have, as well how you see yourself living in the future. After all, your decision will likely mean you’ll have to live there for the short-to-medium term, so you better pick the right one!

Think of future changes

Houses have at least one advantage over an apartment and that is the choice to change the structure how you want it. If you decide that you want an extra room added on, you can easily draw up plans and do.

Building onto an apartment is usually not very easy as space is limited.

Plus, physically, you won’t be able knocking down walls without ending up in the middle of your neighbor’s place! Small things like hanging paintings or frames also become a cause for concern when living in an apartment, because you might not just be able to drill holes wherever you feel like it.

Besides, legally, the body corporate or homeowners association (HOA) rules might not allow for it!

Think of style

Of course, you are going to want to decorate and style your home or apartment just the way you have always dreamed of! But not every home style is necessarily going to work.

Styles that may suit apartments might not always suit houses and vice versa. A rustic theme will, for example, go much better in a house whereas a modern loft look will complement an apartment beautifully.

You should also consider the space that you have available. It will be close to impossible for you to use massive statues and sculptures in an apartment.

On the other hand, you might be forced to buy extra aesthetics if you buy a huge house with a lot of space!

Choices, choices…

Closing thoughts

When making the choice between buying an apartment or a house, it is first and foremost important that you take your own personal needs into account.

Besides weighing up the pros and cons, if you are someone who doesn’t mind a cosy environment, the flat might just be it for you. However, if you still have a huge family, cats, dogs, rabbits, dragons and crocodiles in mind, then a house might be the better option.

Just keep in mind: there isn’t necessarily a wrong answer; it’s each to their own to make a call based on the information at hand!

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