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5 Bathroom Design Trends to Avoid

Story Highlights
  • (1) Dual sinks
  • (2) The all-white bathroom parties
  • (3) Overly funky colors
  • (4) Rub-a-dub-dub, get rid of your huge tub
  • (5) Minimalism

Homeowners adore their bathrooms, so whenever the renovation bug bites, this will be the first room in the house that is always due for an upgrade.

After all, this is the place where you relax and recollect yourself after a busy day for some much-needed me-time. It is understandable that you want the powers of Zen and Chi to flow in the favorable directions.

However, there are a few trends that are finding its way down the proverbial toilet due to impracticalities and untrendy décor.

Here are a number of bathroom design trends to avoid:

(1) Dual sinks

Nothing more romantic than brushing your teeth at the same time with your partner, right? Not quite!

Whilst this might be a beautiful idea, it is more impractical than anything. Homeowners are getting rid of their second sink and opting for more storage space in their bathrooms.

Having said that, if you really don’t want to get rid of his or her sink, add shelving underneath for storage.

(2) The all-white bathroom parties

White bathrooms have been a trend for many years, lending a crisp and clean feeling to your room, but this is slowly going out of fashion.

The main problem homeowners have with them is that they are very difficult to keep clean!

Any little mark on the floor or on the walls can ruin an otherwise picture-perfect room.

There are many ways in which you can spice up your white bathroom: splash a color of paint on the wall, buy a radically out-there bath mat, or finally get those bright towels to hang on the railing!

(3) Overly funky colors

Just like too much white can be problematic, too many colors can also pose a problem.

Sometimes it is better for the mustard, avocado, and salmon to remain on the food that we consume. These colors are fine in small doses, but if you go overboard, you’ll soon find yourself in retro hell.

Experts note that you should use the 70/20/10 rule:

  • Decide on a neutral color that will cover 70% of your room,
  • Add a rich contrasting color for 20% of the room and,
  • Conclude with an accent color that will highlight the other 10%.

(4) Rub-a-dub-dub, get rid of your huge tub

Two words: be realistic.

You have to think about the practical side of things when you decide to throw out your old tub and replace it with a larger one.

The magazines might have already sold you that beautiful big tub you want, but how much time are you actually going to spend in it?

Research shows that homeowners use their tubs maybe once a month because showers are more efficient!

If you really want a huge tub, invest in an outdoor one instead and enjoy the scenic nature whilst relaxing in the air of a warm summer evening.

(5) Minimalism

Having no clutter in the bathroom will definitely contribute to a more relaxing atmosphere of the room, but with our busy lives, we often run out of storage.

An overly minimalist design often leads to the floor space being used up and the room looking unorganized.

Invest in decorative baskets that you can place under the sink or install cupboards where you can put extra towels. This will definitely eliminate the cluttered sink that contains all your toiletries.

Whatever your reason for remodeling, always remember that you should make the practical decision.

Yet, practicality does not always mean boring; there are many ways in which you can bring your bathroom to life, especially if you consider the handy tips and tricks discussed above!


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