Is Your Bathroom Open House Ready?

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  • #1 – Clean it up
  • #2 – Counter the bathroom clutter
  • #3 – Freshen up the towels in the bathroom
  • #4 – Check the toilet and shower
  • #5 – Repair and replace

The bathroom is especially important during an open house because it is one of the rooms that people inspect very closely. No one wants to be reminded that you took a bath or a shower that same morning.

When you list your home and prepare for an open house you want to make a good first impression. This means that every room in the house, including the bathroom, should be in perfect shape and that everything should be clean, neat, and tidy.

Here are 5 ways to ensure that your bathroom is ready for an open house. 

#1 – Clean it up

The most obvious thing to do is to clean the bathroom.

This doesn’t only include a quick toilet flush and wiping down the mirrors. It means that you need to get into all the nooks and crannies of the room.

Make sure that you give the tiled floor a good scrub and that you wipe down the shower door.

A lot of potential homeowners like opening up cabinets so you can also tidy up the medicine cabinet in the bathroom if you have one. 

#2 – Counter the bathroom clutter

Counters can become a magnet for clutter. We are often in such a rush that we just put our face creams, lotions, and shaving equipment anywhere we find space.

Take time to declutter the counters in your bathroom. You can start by throwing out the things that you don’t need.

When you are left with the essentials, place them in the bathroom cabinet or buy a few decorative boxes.

Wicker baskets are a great way for storing things like nail clippers, lip-gloss, and shaving cream, and you can store them underneath the basin or on top of a shelf. 

#3 – Freshen up the towels in the bathroom

Any towels that look worn out, dirty, or just plain old should be stored far away.

Towels can create a sense of luxury in any bathroom and it is always a good idea to purchase new, fresh ones for an open house.

Fluffy bath towels can lend a cosy atmosphere that might just add a special touch to an already amazing bathroom.

Think about different ways of displaying the towels. You could hang them up on the railing if it is going to contribute to the colour scheme and the décor or you could fold them up and leave them on the counters or in wicker baskets. 

#4 – Check the toilet and shower

When you are busy adding small decorative touches to your bathroom, don’t forget about the toilet and the shower. These are, after all, the central points of the bathroom.

If your shower door is squeaky or doesn’t close properly, maybe it is time to invest in a new one. Make sure that the old shower curtain is replaced before the open house.

Similarly, you should make sure that the toilet is in working condition. Clean it properly and invest in an aroma diffuser so that everything smells as fresh as it looks.

#5 – Repair and replace

Over time small items can break because the bathroom is a room we use every day.

Make sure that you replace these items before the open house.

If the mirror is cracked, replace it with a better version. Replace outdated toilet rolls, lighting fixtures, and bathmats.

Ensure that the drain is unclogged and in working order. It will all contribute to the overall impression of the room

A bathroom might seem like an insignificant part of the house but with a few finishing touches it might just be the very thing that changes the “For Sale” sign to “Sold”!

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