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How to Figure Out Your Bathroom Remodeling Budget

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  • No.1 - Select what you want to remodel
  • No.2 - Get an idea or an average cost
  • No.3 - Get contractor estimates
  • No.4 - What to install
  • No.5 - Consider DIY
  • No.6 - Prioritize

Remodeling can be tough, especially when you are unable to plan what you need to remodel.

Many home renovations usually begin with bathroom remodeling alongside additions in the kitchen.

There are many things that one should consider before opting for bathroom remodeling as it involves competent insight on what to remodel, prioritizing the things and items to be remodeled, getting a bathroom remodeling estimate, etc.

If you are confused regarding the management of your budget for the bathroom, here are some tips and insights that will help you save as well as manage your budget during any bathroom remodeling project:

No.1 – Select what you want to remodel

The foremost thing to consider while having any kind of renovation in your home is what to remodel?

You don’t just want to randomly pick things up and go spend on hundreds instantly.

For your bathroom, you need to prioritize what you need to remodel. Compile a list of items that you think are necessary to be remodeled and should be prioritized for the project.

It will give you an idea of the items you have for remodeling; thus, giving you a chance to get a bathroom remodeling cost from any contractors available.

No.2 – Get an idea or an average cost

The next step involves the estimation of the average costs for the project.

Since you will be getting an estimate for the list of the items that you compiled, you can opt for getting multiple quotes for the list you’ve compiled.

Maybe even make combinations of the items. In addition, you can also look at the market that is offering discounts on the products, installations, maintenance, etc.

It will help strategize your budget. 

No.3 – Get contractor estimates

One of the many costs that you should know is the costs of the contractors.

There can be many contractors in the market that you are looking in.

That is why having multiple quotes will help organize the costs for the contractor aside from the costs of the items you need to buy.

You can easily contact different bathroom contractors in the market and get different quotes for comparing them with each other.

No.4 – What to install

The next step involves your personal intervention.

If you are interested in installing fancy bathroom products with exquisite bathroom designing done by famous bathroom designers, then you should have deep pockets.

Obviously, that idea is highly not recommended if you are on a budget.

Instead, you can go look for substitutes and alternates available in the market. There are many companies that manufacture products similar to the major brands in the area but offer them at minimal rates.

Getting a quote for the products and managing your budget accordingly is a great idea since it can also save you space for affording luxurious items while compromising some minor items.

Keep that list handy at all times!

No.5 – Consider DIY

If you think that you are on a budget and want to save money too, you can still consider DIY and save up some of your money.

Of course, you would need to assimilate the items that you can actually DIY.

You would definitely not want to mismanage or mess up anything while DIY that would lead to the need for a professional contractor.

The contractor would be charging increased costs, which would probably include clearing of the mess, buying of the new products, installation, hourly rates, etc.

Hence, one should consider doing DIY only when they are sure of it!

No.6 – Prioritize

One of the most important ways to figure out your budget for bathroom remodeling is that you prioritize what you need to remodel.

Many people are unable to manage their budget because they go overboard investing their money on items that should be remodeled in the last.

For the project, you should consider the primary elements including floor, shower doors, toilets, sinks, etc. to be changed first.

Only then, should you be going for additional elements, such as cabinets, stands, tub doors, etc. (if in case you have a spare budget). Otherwise, it might be necessary that you strategize your budget for the primary items for the bathroom remodeling.


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