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8 Top Benefits of Having a Koi Fish Pond

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  • #1 - Brings Good Luck
  • #2 - Elegant Appeal
  • #3 - Style Symbol
  • #4 - Help Normalize Blood Pressure
  • #5 - Boosts Real Estate Value
  • #6 - Environment-Friendly
  • #7 - They Make Excellent Pets
  • #8 - Make Money

It’s no secret that a koi fish pond can bring peace and serenity to any home. Koi are known for bringing tranquility and luck to every household that takes care of them.

However, what most homeowners find amazing and astounding is that having their pond filled with koi and plants can have a positive impact or effect on their health.

We’ve listed some of the top benefits that you can get from having a koi fish pond at home, as well as some things to consider before starting a koi fish pond. Take a read!

Things to Consider

Setting up a koi fish pond will take a lot of money, work, and time. However, it can be gratifying.

The following are some things to consider before getting started:

Size — Take note that koi fish ponds require lots of space. The minimum requirement is about 3,000 liter.

How big is that? Well, a 1.5 meter by 2-meter fish pond that’s at least one meter deep will yield about 3,000 liters. However, keep in mind that this is only the minimum requirement.

The more koi you have, the bigger your pond should be. Say, for example, you plan on having about 15 koi fish, then you’ll need a fish pond with over 9,000 liters.

Cost — Building a koi fish pond can be costly. A smaller pond can cost at least a few hundred Rand, and bigger koi fish ponds can easily cost R10,000’s.

Filtration — Your koi fish pond will require proper filtration to keep it clean.

Remember that pond water maintenance is essential. For pond maintenance, be sure to get a reliable and dependable company to do the work like Lake Management Inc.

Let us look at some of the main perks of having a koi fish pond in your home:

#1 – Brings Good Luck

In Japan, koi fish are believed to be carriers of good luck or fortune. Also, they are linked to the strength of purpose and perseverance in adversity.

So, if you strongly believe in luck, then perhaps having a koi fish pond could help bring fortune to your home.

#2 – Elegant Appeal

No one can turn down or decline the aesthetic appeal that koi fish ponds can offer to your home.

It does not matter whether you designed the ponds yourself or had hired a designer to do the job.

A koi fish pond can add a unique and exceptional style and elegance to your home.

#3 – Style Symbol

Adding a koi fish pond in your property or garden represents or stands for your style.

Also, it can help you bring an element of grace and stylishness to your garden.

#4 – Help Normalize Blood Pressure

According to some studies, having a koi fish pond can help relieve stress in your body.

Because stress is accountable for many health ailments like anxiety disorders, heart conditions, and high blood pressure, having a koi fish pond in your garden can aid in reducing these health problems.

#5 – Boosts Real Estate Value

Any real estate agent will tell you that adding a koi fish pond in your garden or backyard can increase the real estate value and marketability of your property.

Obviously, the exact value of your house will highly depend on the interest of the potential home buyers.

#6 – Environment-Friendly

Adding a koi fish pond in your garden can encourage and attract insects, birds, and colorful plants.

Therefore, building or making your own peaceful and natural space.

#7 – They Make Excellent Pets

Unlike other fish species, koi are deemed higher maintenance. However, compared to cats and dogs, koi are relatively easy to care for. Koi are calm, non-aggressive pets that require less attention or time.

Moreover, with proper care, koi fish could live for a very long time. In fact, they usually live at least 50 years, and some have even survived for at least a century.

#8 – Make Money

Besides boosting the value of your property, koi are in extremely high demand for both private and public aquariums and ponds.

So, if you plan to breed your koi, then you can simply make money by selling them or attending fish shows.


When it comes to an outdoor pond, koi fish are some of the most appealing additions.

This kind of fish has shown to offer many benefits to homeowners.

For one, they can boost the marketability of your property. Also, they can help in relieving your stress.

If you decide to add a koi fish pond in your property, keep in mind that it needs to be properly maintained to make sure the fish live for a long time.

Thus, it’s crucial to equip your pond with the right supplies, from beneficial bacteria to koi pond filters.

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