8 Benefits of Apartment Living

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  • #1 -- Safety
  • #2 -- Location
  • #3 -- Facilities
  • #4 -- Community
  • #5 -- Overall cost
  • #6 -- Lack of stairs
  • #7 -- Cleaning
  • #8 -- Heating

Many of us have the dream of owning our own home with a big yard and a white picket fence around the property.

But we often forget about the maintenance that goes along with it!

Apartment-style living is something many home buyers get involved in due to its more care-free environment.

It used to be an entry into the property game after which many people sold it as soon as they could afford to buy a house, but lately, apartments have become more and more popular amongst home buyers.

Here are eight benefits of apartment living which might come in handy when making the decision:

#1 — Safety

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that apartments are usually much safer than freestanding homes.

Of course, besides your own door, the entire building will be under camera surveillance, as well as a security guard at reception.

Plus, you will also be living closer to your neighbors so if you ever need someone, you always have that option!

#2 — Location

Housing developers usually build housing estates rather than one of two individual houses.

And because most cities are already quite (over)crowded, these estates tend to be constructed outside of town, which can be very inconvenient from a work-home commute point of view.

On the other hand, apartment buildings tend to be near city centres, close to all the necessary amenities.

#3 — Facilities

Your gym contract might be chewing up your (fitness) budget at the moment.

Most apartment buildings have private gyms as part of their facilities and most of them have pools large enough for you to swim laps in.

You can keep fit without even leaving the building and you can cut back on your gym fees at the same time!

#4 — Community

In modern society, we usually separate ourselves from our neighbors by putting up the highest walls possible, thereby losing the sense of community.

Sadly, many of us don’t even know the names of people we’ve been living next door to for years!

Apartments still maintain this sense of community due to the close proximity of the neighbors.

You tend to run into each other a few days a week, might perhaps see one another at the downstairs grocery shop.

Inevitably, you’ll start building and forming relationships with your neighbours, which can’t necessarily be said about living in a freestanding home and the neighbor interaction!

#5 — Overall cost

Apartments are generally cheaper to purchase than houses in a similar area.

Besides the upfront savings, one might appreciate the lower monthly bond payments, as well as home insurance!

#6 — Lack of stairs

As we get older, getting up and down those stairs might not go as easily as it used to.

Unless you live in a single-storey home, an apartment does have this huge advantage over houses!

Plus, most apartment buildings have elevators, which makes this a great housing option for retirement.

#7 — Cleaning

Obviously, apartment living does mean your overall living surface will be much smaller, as you’ll likely have a lot fewer rooms or areas to clean as you would with a house.

Vacuuming the entire place will be an event without breaking a sweat – who would ever have thought that?!

#8 — Heating

And yes, given their relatively smaller sizes, apartments will be a lot easier to heat up during those cold winter months, resulting in a much lower electricity bill at the end of the month!

All-in-all, apartment living is no longer reserved for singles or couples looking to stay somewhere until they’re ready to make the ‘home buying step’. These benefits of apartment living mean they can become your ‘forever home’!

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