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Real estate is a dog-eat-dog industry. It’s already too crowded out there, and the steadily increasing number of real estate agents made the situation even worse.

If you’re looking for helpful strategies that will bring your real estate marketing ahead of your competition, please make yourself comfortable because you’re in for an interesting 3-minute read:

1 – Setup a Clear Sales Funnel. Always Optimize.

Your marketing strategy is never going to be effective unless you have a clear sales funnel. If you’re outsourcing your marketing (which means you’re essentially outsourcing your income) you should have a clear understanding of your sales funnel. A clear road mapping of your marketing strategy should be clearly discussed with you.

Not only should you have a well-written landing page, but it must also answer the question your target market is looking for. And the only way you could do this is to narrow down and be specific for each customer avatar.

Being able to customize your campaign (and most especially your landing pages) down to the very end is optimization at its finest.

If you otherwise run your own marketing team, you still must have a clear roadmap of where you’re going. It’s easy to run PPC campaigns, social media ads, etc., but understanding the numbers and getting down to the root cause of non-conversion is key to success.

Optimize, optimize, and optimize. Your marketing strategy will get better through time.

If you don’t know how to orchestrate the whole marketing plan, you can get a marketing consultant to help you fix your sales funnel.

2 – Nurture your leads. Customize.

You’re probably already doing this, but you could be doing it wrong. Here’s the thing: people don’t really like emails that much.

Your target audience is being bombarded with too much content during the day, so sending an unsolicited email that doesn’t really interest your target audience will just end up in the junk.

As mentioned earlier, optimization is key, and if you want to effectively optimize your email campaigns, always customize down to the very last bit.

You can customize your email campaign depending on the search interest of your audience. Start by simply segmenting your leads according to their location search or their niche search.

The simple logic is that someone who’s interested in Cape Town properties will most likely be interested in Cape Town facts, and most specifically, facts about the neighborhood they’re looking at.

So, go, customize and optimize.

3 – Add more traffic sources. Get Pinned!

Showing picturesque houses and inviting places are one of the surefire ways to get noticed! 

Invest in hiring the best photographers and photo editors and create Pinterest boards for each property.

Highlight the best parts of the location and the most interesting things your target audience can look forward to.

Pinterest is unlike most social media platforms you know. Pinterest allows users to pin, save, and visit the pages that interest them the most. Real estate is a visual industry, so images are really key to keeping your audience’s interest.  

4 – Understand your customer avatar.

Here’s the thing, talking to everyone is actually talking to no one. Customizing your keywords and ads campaigns may not take much time, but your landing pages would.

Having a customer avatar would help you tailor your content specifically to the type of audience you’re talking to. A good customer avatar includes the age, marital status, number of children or pets, the average household income, etc.

Being able to understand the needs and wants of your customer avatar will help you customize your landing pages to perfection.

5 – Invest On User Experience.

Building your website is easy, but developing it takes time.

One vital and radical addition to your site is an interactive house tour. As mentioned earlier, real estate is visual, so taking advantage of a house or an area tour will keep your visitors’ interests.

Hiring the right professionals for developing this is a lot of legwork, so if you’re just starting out with your business, you can connect to outsourcing staffing firms or PEOs like Bradford Jacobs that can hire photographers and other workers for you.

6 – Think mobile.

Mobile optimization had been done mostly for SEO purposes because Google indexes mobile-friendly pages for mobile searches. Moreover, website navigation should be flawless, so invest on carefully copywriting your website pages.

Most of the search is done on mobile, but most of the purchases are done on desktop. Never neglect user experience for desktop.  

It’s also unnatural for people to tilt their phones when watching a video, so think of user experience when doing content.

7 – Be Locally Found. Be Locally Social.

It’s easy to say get social and get found, but really it’s not just merely putting up a Facebook page or setting up a Google Maps marketing campaign.

The only way to get a good amount of referral or word-of-mouth traffic is to be locally known – be that real estate agent everyone in the area can refer to. Print is as vital as digital marketing; brand yourself, sponsor community events and have a solid local presence.

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