Bringing the Office Home: Set Up a Dedicated Workspace

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  • Choose the place for your workspace
  • Introduce nature and positivity
  • Smell as a trigger
  • Comfortable and practical items
  • Creativity juices

You will find yourself working from home at least once in your life. While some of us prefer it that way, others can’t find it motivating enough.

However, if you do choose to bring the office into your home, making it your own will be crucial for your productivity.

You can’t simply wander around the house with your laptop in hands; you need a dedicated workspace that will be inspiring and efficient.

Choose the place for your workspace

Your productivity and focus will best be generated if you dedicate just one place for your business.

It would be best if you could have a dedicated room for your work, away from distractions and noise. That way, you can simply shut the door to other obligations and people and concentrate on your job.

Your workspace should be able to accommodate your work chores, meaning, you need to have enough space and feel comfortable, not cramped. If your business will be creating some noise, then it would be best to work from your garage, basement, or a room with good noise insulation.

Introduce nature and positivity

Plants are very important for your productivity.

A couple of potted plants will brighten your mood and reduce anxiety every time you look at them. Even natural light can boost your mood and make you more focused.

If you don’t have enough space for plants, then introduce colors that remind you of nature, such as green, soft blue, brown. Colors also have a strong effect on people, so choose them wisely and stick to bright and relaxing ones.

Smell as a trigger

Specific smells can bring us back to our childhood and some happy moments of our life. You can use the characteristic of smells to give yourself a boost when you get on to work.

If there’s a perfume you usually use when going to work, put it on when you go to your home workspace. The smell will trigger feelings associated with work and creativity, allowing you to go into “work mode” more easily.

Don’t make the mistake of lighting candles you typically burn when you come home from work. Those candles are used to relax you and let your mind drift, which is not something you want when you’re trying to focus at work.

The trick is to find a smell that incites productivity in you, such as essential oils. Diffusing oils can increase your memory and focus, as well as sharpen your cognitive functions.

Comfortable and practical items

You need comfort to be able to stay productive throughout your whole working day.

An ergonomic chair is the first thing to buy – it will keep your back healthy and prevent recurring pains.

It’s easier to sit for hours if the chair supports your back and provides comfort. Just make sure you place a chair mat under it to prevent damage on the floor – the tear and wear will soon be visible if there’s nothing between the chair and the carpet/floor.

The desk (or any other surface) you’re working on needs to fit you completely. Whether you’re sitting or even standing from time to time, your working surface should allow you to have a comfortable position.

A task lamp is a must for any job, especially if you are doing some sensitive job or you’re using your laptop a lot. Overhead lighting won’t do you any good as it won’t provide sufficient light at the right angle. LED lights are the best solution if you can’t have access to natural light – they are pleasant for the eyes and energy-efficient.

Creativity juices

We are all different, so different things make us inspired and creative. You should pinpoint what drives you and makes your creative juices flow.

For some, those are inspiring messages, whether on the desk or in the form of a poster. Motivational messages keep you going and remind you that you are capable.

Others find photos of their loved ones inspiring – they are what keeps them going and focused.

For some, music is the way to find creativity – maybe light music is what you need in the background to focus better.

Bottom line

Setting up a dedicated workspace is a unique chore, as you have your specific needs and preferences.

However, you need to have your own working space to give your best at work every single day.


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