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Tips to Help You Build the Perfect Deck for Your Home

Imagine you owned a seaside mansion that you never visited. If it weren’t lived in, you would just pay the utility bills and at the end of the month, the perks of owning such a luxurious piece of property would be non-existent.

Having a backyard or a garden functions pretty much the same way: if this space is unused for a longer time, then you might not own it at all. You must make the effort of transforming the backyard into a place where it would be enjoyable to spend time.

This can be achieved by creating a garden, adding some lights, introducing water features, and most importantly: building a deck. The latter is designed to be the hotspot of outdoor social activity at your home, so there should be no messing around with the design and the actual build.

There are several useful tips on how to approach the building of the deck for your home:

#1 – The design can be cost-free

Many people make the initial mistake of thinking of a deck as a structural part of the house, so they think that architects need to be called in.

Although the importance a deck has for every home is unarguable, its design is not that much intricate and you yourself can tackle it.

You can look at pre-made decks, take at a peek at your neighbor’s structure, and even play online with numerous design tools that can show you the 3D model of the deck you have virtually constructed.

Because of their simple design, there are easy to draw a blueprint for and even easier to execute because timber is the main building material that is joined into place by nails and bolts.

#2 – Choosing the right material

To repeat once more: timber is going to be your number one material when it comes to building a deck.

However, its quality and how you choose to shape are going to influence the final look of the deck. The most common choice for the type of wood for a deck is cedar that is widely available and fairly cheap.

You are going to need professional tools for shaping and finishing the wood and some experience as a carpenter.

Also, for the railings, fascia, and the decking you could consider adding composite materials, such as PVC. They are a bit on the expensive side but they provide good quality for the money invested.

Otherwise, just coating the wood, with acrylic paint perhaps, is also a neat solution.

#3 – Professional aid

If we scared you with all that mandatory carpenter’s knowledge, don’t be dissuaded easily. There are many people who are not crafty for such a project but who still want to have a nice deck added to their house.

There are professionals out there such as Sphere Constructions who will get the job done just as you imagined. Such companies usually perform all kinds of renovation and constructions tasks but building a deck is often their most sought for service.

This means that they possess enough knowledge to turn your dreams into reality without making too large of a dent in your wallet.

Also, even you could build the deck on your own, there is no way you could apply any of the decorations that would go well with the garden surrounding.

#4 – Getting the view right

The deck is a place where you are going to spend a lot of time sitting. In order for it to be enjoyable, your view shouldn’t be a dumpster or a supporting beam of the deck.

Before deciding on the final design, you need to stand at the place of the future deck and pick the best location that has the perfect view of the greenery. Take into consideration that the deck’s structure shouldn’t block the view from inside the house, so don’t lean it against any windows.

Furthermore, you can consider elevating it a bit if you are not happy with the angle of the view from the ground. Just don’t forget to add steps to the design if you choose this solution.

#5 – The proportions

Regardless of how easy it is, designing such a large addition to the house should be approached seriously.

Don’t plan a deck too large; larger than the fifth of your house’s surfaced area. Also, don’t let your design be too “rectangular.” Be bold and experiment with different shapes, long lines, an uneven corner, so your deck turns out unique.

A deck shaped like a hexagon is always in vogue, with its rounded edges and slanted roofing. As a general rule, a garden table with four chairs should fit nicely on the deck. If you want anything smaller than that, then ditch the deck idea and go for a simple porch.

A fabulous deck to go with your perfect home is something everyone should contemplate – good luck dreaming about yours!

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