How to Buy and Sell a House at the Same Time

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  • Option #1 - Sell Your Old Home Then Buy a Home
  • Option #2 - Go With the Home "Subject to Sale" Contingency
  • Option #3 - Buy a Home First, Then Sell Your Old Home

Purchasing and selling a home is not a task that you would want to handle all alone.

In any particular situation, when you have to buy and sell a home at the same moment, you have to match up with a lot of questions and considerations. When doing so, you can face a lot of difficulties. 

However, buying a new home and selling your old house at the same time can become a balancing act. 

No matter what you think, you will have to consider some essential things before you make the final call on buying and selling a house at the same moment. There are several tools and methods you can utilize to get some help.

You can consider these points to determine and implement some ideas about buying and selling a house at the same moment:

Option #1 – Sell Your Old Home Then Buy a Home

If you wish to pay attention to the least stressful options while buying and selling a home at the same moment, you should go with this option.

In comparison to the other alternatives, you might face less risk in this option. You exactly know how much money you will have to collect from the sale.

In other words, you can determine the selling level of your old home without too much pressure of having to drop the price quickly. Consequently, you can make a reasonable budget for the purchase of the new home that’s up next.

Option #2 – Go With the Home “Subject to Sale” Contingency

You can include a home “subject to sale” contingency that will help you to deal with this particular scenario.

With the help of the “subject to sale” contingency, you get enough time to find out the buyers for your old home before you settle in your new home. Make sure you will have a month-to-month rental agreement if you need it done at the same time. 

When you are unable to find a buyer in the given time, you have the alternative to extend the time of the contract. And yes, you can back out of the deal.

Due to these benefits, the use of a home “subject to sale” contingency becomes the best way to purchase and sell a home at the same moment.

Option #3 – Buy a Home First, Then Sell Your Old Home

If the above ideas don’t quite suit you, you can purchase a house first, then sell your old home. With the buy and sale agreement, you can get some benefits that you have never imagined before.

However, this particular option is valid for people who have enough financial credit. In other words, if you really really badly want a particular home, you can go with this option.

On the other hand, also consider some drawbacks of this alternative. Specifically, if you cannot afford to purchase both homes at the same moment, this alternative is not suitable for you. Simply, if you cannot qualify for the entire amount of money needed to buy both the houses, your financial lender will not lend you the monies. 

Furthermore, you would be carrying the monthly payments on both properties at the same time, which might financially stretch you further than you feel comfortable with.

Go for the Bridge Loans

According to the professionals, there’s always the option to opt for bridge loans which could help you to handle this situation.

By getting the bridge loans, it might become easy for you to buy and sell a house at the same time without any problem.

Buying in the Seller’s Market

Finally, you need to pay a little bit more attention to this option when you want to buy/sell a home at the same moment.

Take off the cap of a seller and put on the hat of the buyer. If you consider this option in the future, you could get a low inventory deal. 

In other words, there will be more homes available for selling in a seller’s market in comparison to the buyer’s market. The most significant advantage of this particular option is that you can find a perfect home that meets your requirements quickly. 

All-in-all, you’re now somewhat more familiar with the things you can do whenever you have to buy and sell a house at the same moment.  

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