Buying a Home With Pets? Follow These 5 Tips!

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  • 1. Find out if the neighborhood is pet-friendly
  • 2. Ask about previous pets
  • 3. Consider the features of the home
  • 4. Check if there is a fence around the yard
  • 5. Locate pet services

It can be very difficult to find the perfect home but it is even trickier when you have pets to think of.

Pets gradually become like children whether the homeowners have kids of their own or not, and owners will want only what is best for their furbabies. This could lead to them being very picky and particular when it comes to buying a home – with good reason!

Here are a few tips for pet owners when it comes to buying a house and narrowing down the perfect abode for you and your pets:

1. Find out if the neighborhood is pet-friendly

Gather some intel on the neighborhood and see whether your pet will fit in.

See whether neighbors have pets of their own and what their habits are. Are they aggressive towards new animals? Will they be a threat to your own?

Ask yourself whether you would want to live in a neighborhood where neighbors walk their dogs on leashes or where dogs are left to their own devices.

Also, check if your new pet-friendly neighbors have any dogs that bark day and night, or whether there are cats that will come into your house unnoticed and eat your pet’s food.

2. Ask about previous pets

When you view homes, the first thing you should ask about potential previous pets who might have lived there.

Take the opportunity to walk around the home a bit and check for any pet damage, especially under the rugs. These might be thrown over a messy stain or damaged spot in the flooring.

Pet odors might be difficult to identify and difficult to get rid of so it would be a good idea to bring a friend with in order to ascertain the different type of pet smells.

Furthermore, be sure to ask whether there is/was a flea situation in the yard and house.

3. Consider the features of the home

Keep in mind that you are going to have to take care of the pet in this new home and that you need to ensure that it is as comfortable as possible for both pet and human.

If a dog is prone to ripping up carpets, it would be wise to find a home with tiled or wooden flooring.

For example, it is important for the house to have an outdoor faucet in order to bathe your pets, so check to see if the house has it or if it is possible to have one installed. Make a list of things you absolutely must have in the home.

4. Check if there is a fence around the yard

It is important that the house has a fence – not only for the safety of your own pets but also for the safety of other pets in the neighborhood.

If the home has no fence, find out how much it will cost to construct one.

If the house already has a fence, ensure that there is a gate that latches and that dogs won’t be able to jump over it.

5. Locate pet services

It is important to value your pet’s safety, security and health so try and see whether there are any pet services nearby.

The closer you are to a pet store, a veterinary clinic, a doggie day care center, a pet sitter, and a groomer, the easier it will be to take care of your pet in case of emergencies.

A bonus would be a safe doggy park where your dog can have a bit of freedom once in a while.

Looking after your pets during a move is something a lot of people forget about.

Don’t take them for granted!

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