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Can Feng Shui Help Sell Your Property?

The ancient Chinese art of feng shui has penetrated the Western civilization with more and more people turning towards it when decorating their homes.

Gaining popularity in the nineties, it is a trend that is resurfacing once again. Feng Shui is focused on channeling the energy of a home to create balance and harmony in the environment.

Practitioners claim that it is able to not only influence the health and happiness of the inhabitants of a home but also their wealth.

So can feng shui really help sell your property – let’s have a closer look:

Dubious benefits

Many people remain cynical about feng shui and their benefits.

However, property experts’ opinions on the esoteric trend remain positive when it comes to using feng shui as a way to increase the appeal of the property to potential buyers.

Of course, the fixed features of the home, such as the size and the number of rooms, are already attractive to buyers, but one should not underestimate the less tangible elements that come into play. The atmosphere and the energy (the ‘feel’) of the home are x-factors that home buyers look out for.

In other words, you might not emotionally connect to three bedrooms but you might connect to a sense of peace and belonging!

Many feng shui principles line up with the standard advice of preparing your property for show house. Creating a positive flow of energy often overlaps with creating a good flow for your visitors, which can be a great first impression of potential buyers.

A good example is the importance of the front entrance of the property. Feng shui experts believe that a beautiful approach to your home attracts positive energy in your space. What the potential buyers see at first can alter their opinion of the house in a certain way.

Feng shui is rumored to be the best way to make it a positive impression.

Importance of flow

Feng shui encourages the homeowner to create a strong, clear flow into your home from the entryway or foyer. This is believed to draw the energy inside as opposed to reflecting it back outwards.

A well-designed entrance space also creates an enticing atmosphere for people viewing the home for the first time.

It’s no surprise to hear that a  home that draws buyers in and makes them want to explore more of the home is a very good start to selling your home!

Feng shui also places great importance by focusing on the ‘trinity’ of your home. The ‘trinity’ includes your main bedroom, bathroom and kitchen.

And, coincidentally, these are exactly the most important rooms that buyers look at before putting an offer in for a home. Ensuring that there is plenty of light and no clutter in these rooms is good for both the feng shui of the home, as well as the staging of the home.

Issue of clutter

A central part of the feng shui is decreasing clutter. It is also one of the most important elements in preparing your home for a viewing.

Ensuring that all your spaces are neat, clean, bright and as fresh as possible goes a very long way towards increasing the appeal of your home!

Bottom line: whether you believe in feng shui or not, it would seem that the discipline shares the same practical approaches that are used in the real estate business.

A few pot plants, mirrors put in the right places, a bit of a clean-up and declutter marks the way forward for better feng shui as well as a more successful sale.

Perhaps this ancient Chinese art can, in fact, make you happier, healthier and wealthier!

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Feng Shui Help Sell Your Property
Feng Shui Help Sell Your Property
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