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5 Best Choices For Garage Floor Paint

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  • 1. One-Part Epoxy Acrylic Concrete & Garage Floor Paint
  • 2. Premium Clear Epoxy Kit
  • 3. Drylok Concrete Floor Paint
  • 4. Supercoat Epoxy Floor Covering
  • 5. Latex Floor Paint

One of the least noticed aspects of any garage is the floor. You might have the most superior garage with good wall arts, great cars and the best DIY tools in the house, but a concrete floor, especially one with many cracks and stains, can easily bring down the aesthetics of the entire room.

The main advantage of garage floor paint is its cost-effectiveness. You can easily apply the paint without affecting your budget, however, with such a wide variety of products available today, making the right decision is not always that easy.

That said, here are five best choices of garage floor paints that you can, no – should consider – before your next garage floor upgrade:

1. One-Part Epoxy Acrylic Concrete & Garage Floor Paint

Floor coverings using one-part acrylic concrete are quite famous and is one of the most reliable concrete floor paints.

As compared to other concrete paints, this acrylic paint covers a large area using fewer products and goes a long way. It is cost-effective, and you can easily apply two-three coats of the same.

Due to its acrylic combination, it can take up to a week to dry. The areas that have less foot traffic, you can apply grey-colored paint. To conclude, though it is less durable, it is an inexpensive, good quality garage floor paint.

2. Premium Clear Epoxy Kit

A clear Epoxy Kit acts as a laminator for your garage floor. You can use this on top of the paint for an added layer of diamond-hard protection and crystal-clear look. You cannot apply an Epoxy kit on its own as it cannot bind with an untreated cement.

This product is beneficial for further extending the lifespan of an already painted floor. The advanced bonding technology of Epoxy gives a solid layer on top of the paint.

It protects the paint from physical and chemical wears and tears. Applying this will leave no hot tire pickups, which is a great feature. It is an excellent product to invest in and is quite cost-effective.

3. Drylok Concrete Floor Paint

The grey-colored Drylok Concrete paint is an excellent choice for floor paints for beginners. It offers ease of use, applies thick, and quick-drying.

Mix one part paint and one part water for multiple applications after the first coat. You can use a roller, similar to the ones used for painting walls, to paint the floor.

It is ideal for a concrete deck, basement, or a home garage where there is less foot traffic and where cars do not drive above it often. However, it doesn’t hold well in high traffic areas in the garage.

4. Supercoat Epoxy Floor Covering

This exciting product is similar to the Epoxy kit mentioned in point number two. It gives a high-quality epoxy coating made of Urethane suspended in water.

It gives you an industrial level of chemical protection that protects your garage floor from spillages or any blemishes.

It is so robust that it can withstand the previous epoxy wear and tear. It is also available in various colors. This kind of protection and robust behavior makes the Supercoat Epoxy floor covering a premium product.

To get good results, you must prepare the floor beforehand by filling in the cracks. For long-lasting protection of your garage floor, invest in this paint.

5. Latex Floor Paint

The most basic type of floor paint is Latex Floor Paint. It is available in many colors, 100% acrylic, and is very economical. Using a latex floor paint gives a long-lasting and sturdy protection.

It is perfect for applications in concrete, wooden rooms, basement floors, porches, primed metal, and automobile parking areas.

This enamel is weather-resistant and lasts for ages in external applications
. Before applying a latex floor paint, the floor must be dry, clean, and free of peeled colors. Sand smooth the rough surfaces of the floor.

First, prime a thin coating of a concrete bonding primer and then seal it with a top coat of latex floor paint. It has less odor and quick dry. You can apply the water-based latex paint on the garage door as well.

A garage door is a substantial component of your garage and needs to function correctly. Painting your garage door along with your garage floor will ensure the longevity of your garage, protecting it from moisture, corrosion, and heat.


The above are the five best choices for garage floor paints. It is essential to choose the right paint for your garage floor.

Follow the instructions given on the tin of the paint by the manufacturer. These instructions will provide you with excellent results and ensure a strong foundation.

It is essential to make sure that you clean your floor correctly before the application. This way, you get excellent results and a beautiful garage floor.

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