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7 Ideas For Choosing the Best Kitchen Wall Decor

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  • 1. Play around with color
  • 2. Pay attention to the focal point
  • 3. Kitchen themed artworks
  • 4. Wall hangings
  • 5. Wall shelving
  • 6. Oversized lettering
  • 7. Maintain an overall artistic theme

Everyone wants that latest magazine kitchen design.

However, the things that often stand in the way of achieving this dream are usually time and money constraints. They can even make you want to drop the whole project.

Luckily, with the right tips on hand, you can give your kitchen a quality upgrade, and the best part is that these tips do not have to cost you an arm and a leg.

When you want your new kitchen decor to make a statement, the first thing you have to do is make changes to the walls. This is because a person will recognize an object quickly when it is at the eye-level.

Focusing on your kitchen’s walls will make a greater impact than when you redo other areas first.

Here are some ideas that you should take into consideration when updating your kitchen wall decor:

1. Play around with color

Color should relate to the artist’s surface. Since you are the artist, choosing the best surface material, even before zeroing in on the color, is essential. This will allow you to express yourself through this surface, and choosing the right color will add some life into your work.

Apart from being cheap, color is the fastest way to update any room. You should consider the following pointers when updating your kitchen’s color.

  • The existing colors that cannot be changed, for example, the color of cabinets and countertops.
  • A neutral color that complements the colors which cannot be changed.
  • A unique color, often a bold one, or an unexpected color which works well with your pallet. Adding the color should pop the appearance of the kitchen. The color can be used as a statement piece in accessories, cookware or vases.

When it comes to color, always use the shade that speaks to you.

2. Pay attention to the focal point

The focal point is simply where your eye’s attention falls on, the moment you enter your kitchen. It is the center of attention. What do you notice first? Or, what does a new person notice first?

Whichever way you choose to update your kitchen’s wall, make sure you give most attention to one wall compared to other walls. Focal points should be bold and different.

The following are ways to create a good focal point:

  • Give more attention to kitchen wall art. Choose a nice and big enough piece of art and hang it on the focal wall.
  • Choose a bold color from the pallet above and paint it on the focal wall.
  • You can also use a textural patterned wallpaper.
  • Put all attention on the focal wall’s dressing.

3. Kitchen themed artworks

Just to put more emphasis on the wall art for the kitchen, the ones you display on your focal wall should add great visual interest and personality to the wall.

The artwork that you choose to purchase can be themed on baking, cooking or dining. A good example is could be having some prints from vintage cookbooks, such pieces can add a DIY sparkle to the kitchen space.

4. Wall hangings

This is also another awesome way you can express your personality on the kitchen’s wall.

Creating gallery wall collections is fun. Just add what defines you.

Everyday objects can also be collected and used as wall art for kitchens.

Common ideas for such galleries are:

  • Framed album covers
  • Antique utensils
  • Baskets
  • Antique frames
  • A collection of mirrors

The common approaches to a wall gallery are symmetrical, freestyle or pattern placement.

However, there are no rules whatsoever in creating a gallery wall.

5. Wall shelving

If you have chosen to go with a fresh, fashion-forward theme and maybe a focal wall, then you ought to add layers.

Open shelving and maybe an upper cabinet is the latest trend to kitchen design. This look will lighten up your kitchen by creating visual spaces.

The only thing you are required to do is to take the mismatched glasses and Tupperware off the shelve and away from the eye.

There are many easy to install shelving styles. Usually, they are minimal and color-coordinated to bring out a nice magazine-ready look.

You can also add LED lighting to the upper cabinets highlighting the items.

6. Oversized lettering

Oversized letters are trendy. They are made from thin, sturdy metal so that they become light and strong.

Many people opt for letters with meaning to the people occupying the house, like names or initials.

7. Maintain an overall artistic theme

You can also consider an overall artistic theme like pastoral scenes or just fruits with modern and classical themes. You can also adopt DIY styles if you so wish.

You can even try making your kitchen personalized with chalkboard paint. The main idea is to simply try and make your kitchen as personal and unique as possible.

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