5 Commercial Roof Replacement Tips

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  • 1 - Hire the right contractor
  • 2 - Remove the old roof
  • 3 - Plan the job accordingly
  • 4 - Opt for asphalt shingles for durability
  • 5 - Don't put off replacing your roof

It took a whole lot of convincing before I agreed to have my bakeshop roof replaced. I got the property in a pretty good condition a couple of years back but its roof has become troublesome. There’s a visible watermark from the many leaks and missing shingles.

When the job was completed, I picked up a few tips everyone should know about commercial roof replacement – have a read and let me know if they were helpful in the comment section below:

1 – Hire the right contractor

When the time came that I needed to replace the roof in my little bakeshop, I was resistant for a while. I didn’t want to spend extra money since I’m already up to my neck with expenses. But I realized a new roof for my commercial space is going to be a big investment and if I wanted to keep operating my business for a long time, I should at least have a decent roof over it.

My research about roof replacement led me to different roofing contractors that offered several good deals. I chose the company that knew exactly what I wanted and have experience when it comes to commercial roofing; it wasn’t the most expensive option, nor was it the cheapest. The company just fit with my requirements.

2 – Remove the old roof

Some contractors might suggest leaving your old roof in place and just installing a new one over it. It might save you the cost of having to remove the old one but there are some benefits of having to remove the old roof completely.

For one thing, it’ll give the roofing contractor a chance to check up on the decking and other structural components of the roof for damages. Putting on a new roof without removing the old one might mask early signs of damage, one that you’ll have to deal with in the future.

3 – Plan the job accordingly

Getting a new roof installed will mean putting your home vulnerable to the elements. It’s important, therefore, that you plan the roof replacement job during a few days of expected good weather in your area.

In my case, I had the new roof to my bakeshop installed during the summer months so there’s little chance of rain. Having chosen the time of the year that sees a lot of demand for roofing contractors, I scheduled my roof replacement six months in advance.

4 – Opt for asphalt shingles for durability

When the time comes that you have to replace the roof for your commercial space, you might want to consider the type of roofing material you’re going to use.

There are a lot of materials to choose from but if you want something that’ll last for a long time, choose asphalt shingles, as suggested by several roofing contractors.

This is a very common roofing material and for good reasons: it’s economical, fire-resistant, and most importantly, quite durable. Asphalt shingles are also easy to install and comes in a variety of colors and styles.

5 – Don’t put off replacing your roof

One common mistake that many (commercial) space owners commit is putting off replacing the roof. Even if the replacement is long overdue and there are already visible signs of damage on the roof, you may still choose not to put in the time and money to get it replaced.

Stalling on the replacement might mean the roof structure will accumulate more damage over time and will mean even more cost not just for a new roof but for the repair of the damaged structure. Not only that, it will diminish the appeal of the space which means less business for you.

Commercial space needs to keep up appearances in order to make the place more appealing to both renters and customers.

About the author: Jason Brooks is an avid blogger and informative content writer who enjoys writing about a wide array of topics like travel, health, outdoor and home improvement. She is currently working with Roof Royale, one of the leading Austin roofing contractors, which offers the highest quality roofing services.

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