Dos And Don’ts of Getting Covert Cameras For Rental Places

The use of surveillance technology is an issue that will continue to trend. This is because it borders between privacy and protection.

As such, problems will always stem from its use. It will save you a lot of trouble to know the laws and principles guiding its use.

Before you jump on that website that has hidden nanny cam or hidden cameras for sale, here are some of the dos and don’ts of getting covert cameras for rental places:

1 – Do understand what the law says about general surveillance technology

This is and will always be your main guideline.

Before you talk about any other backing, you must understand the legal backing of your actions.

The use of camera entails outdoor use and indoor use. The law barely restricts the use of outdoor cameras.

As long as you are not invading people’s privacy (which barely happens with outdoor cameras), you are good to go. The law becomes complex when surveillance involves other factors.

Some of these factors include indoor cameras and cameras with audio function.

2 – Don’t ignore what the law says about cameras with audio and indoor cameras

Let’s start with the take of the law on the use of cameras with audio recording capacity.

The law is almost against its use totally so you must confirm from your lawyer that you are certified to use it.

Even in the case of outdoor cameras, the law does not permit you to use cameras with audio recording feature. Someone may sue you for eavesdropping.

3 – Don’t hide the fact that there are cameras in the apartment to your tenants

So far, we have been talking about the general use of cameras.

It is about time we began talking about the use of covert or hidden cams in rental places. This is on the part of the landlord.

It is understandable that you are trying to protect your property. It is however important that you understand what the law says about divulging the knowledge of the presence of covert cameras.

In most cases, the law states that your tenants have to know that there are cameras in the apartment. What the law does not always state clearly is whether or not they need to know their locations and positions.

4 – Do install cameras in public areas like mail rooms, lobby, etc

Just like the case of using cameras outdoors, the law does not stop you from installing cameras in public areas of the apartment.

Such areas like the lobby, stairways, mail rooms and so on are areas where you can install cameras and not fear any lawsuit or penalty.

5 – Do install cameras as a tenant as long as it is within the confines of the law

Although it is the duty of the landlord to safeguard his property, you can also do well to secure yourself and your property while you are staying somewhere.

The law allows tenants to install cameras as long as they are not invading people’s privacy. You should inform the landlord of your intention to install covert cameras.

It is however up to you to tell him the positions of those cameras if you want to.

6 – Don’t install your camera in a privacy invading angle

While you think you are safe with your camera placement, camera angles can also cause an uproar.

While you can place cameras in public places, in certain countries and states you cannot place cameras and point them facing areas like people’s doors or entrances.

The camera angle determines its line of vision. Facing it in certain directions is similar to installing them in those places. You should not try to be smart by installing a camera facing that the law does not allow you to.

People are usually not comfortable with the idea of covert cameras. (no kidding!)

So, it will be in your best interest to ensure that you understand the legal implications of using them before doing so.

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