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Simple Tips to Create the Perfect Guest Room In Your Home

Story Highlights
  • 1. Grab a paintbrush
  • 2. Make sure the carpet matches the drapes
  • 3. Ensure that the bed bugs don’t bite
  • 4. Avoid storage wars
  • 5. Go the extra mile
  • 6. Upgrade the bathroom

Having guests over can be an exciting time, especially if you haven’t seen them for a while.

However, it is usually a rather stressful time for the hosts. After all, you want to make sure that everything is absolutely perfect so that your guests can enjoy their stay and relax whilst being on holiday.

The first step you need to take to ensure the comfortability of your guests is to create the perfect guest room. And this does not need to be a huge remodeling job, as the following six tips to spice your guest room up the affordable way will explain:

1. Grab a paintbrush

The best way to give any room a facelift is to completely change the color of it.

Nothing says ‘new room’ more than a fresh coat of paint!

After all, a different color can brighten the room and make it look even bigger in some cases. Make sure to buy a color that you can combine with the rest of the furniture in the room, or you’ll be looking at a new interior design!

Even if you just repaint the walls the same color as it was, the new layer of paint will definitely give the room a remodeled look.

2. Make sure the carpet matches the drapes

Your guest room might not be the room that you usually use for guests. Let’s be honest here: it’s probably where you store your laundry, do your ironing, etc.

If your carpets look like they need more than just a bit of attention, consider replacing them with new ones!

Over time, it’s likely to become the baby (or grandchildren’s) room when they come to visit, so you might as well spruce it up a bit already.

If you are unable to completely replace the carpets, you can hire a cleaning company to do a deep clean of your carpets.

You will be amazed at what a difference clean carpets can do to your guest room. Plus it’s quite an affordable solution!

3. Ensure that the bed bugs don’t bite

This is an important point to note if you haven’t used your guest room for a while: the mattress might be old and somewhat worn out, which likely means that there are thousands of little bed bugs crawling around in it.

The best solution would be to get rid of the mattress completely and buy a new one.

Not only will it take care of the creepy crawlies, but it will guarantee that your guests have a comfortable night’s sleep.

And now you can even buy new bedding… to match your newly painted walls, of course!

4. Avoid storage wars

No one likes to live out of a suitcase, even if it’s just for a handful of days, so avoid this completely by making sure there’s available shelf space in the guest room – perhaps a great time as well to get rid of all those extra boxes laying around and take them to a storage space.

For the time being, you can move your belongings to another room, in order to create enough space for your guests to pack their things away. This is especially useful if you have a cupboard in which you can hang clothes.

No one likes to wear wrinkled clothes when they could have hung it somewhere!

5. Go the extra mile

To make sure your guests have a memorable stay at your house, try to go the extra mile.

So, as soon as you have revamped your guest room following the above suggestions, why not add a few odds and ends to make the place feel a bit more like home?

You can quickly add things like magazines, a radio or soap/shower gel/body lotion – after all, isn’t that what most hotels do as well?

6. Upgrade the bathroom

This tip is a bit more extreme than what we’ve mentioned above, but if you are considering remodeling your guest room, you might even think of updating your bathroom, or finally get the en-suite!

Talk about giving your guests considerable privacy and making their stay that more comfortable.

In the end, redoing your guest room does not have to be stressful and once you’re satisfied with the final product, you’ll find that you will enjoy your guests’ stay as much as they do!

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