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Easy Tips to Create Unique Chair Covers by Yourself

You can make lovely chair covers all by yourself if you have an idea about the design as well as the ways in which to make them.

These cover designs will not only refresh the look of your living or dining room, but will also act as a protective sheet and can be put on or off very easily without needing a lot of effort.

You can be as creative as possible to make these chair covers and use them for different purposes such as:

  • To protect the chairs
  • To change the look of the room, or simply 
  • To hide those worn-out chairs.

Making chair covers on your own will be an easy and inexpensive solution that will soften and enhance the interior design of the room.

These covers will serve a greater purpose especially during any celebrations in your home. Since all the covers will look just the same, it will easily and effectively make the chairs that are not identical look aesthetically equalized. You can also choose to cover the entire chair or only a part of it, such as, for instance, the back or the seat portion.

Feel free to experiment with different designs such as:

  • Patterns
  • Floral
  • Plaid
  • Striped and so on.

The best way to go ahead is to choose a fabric of neutral color.

Why? Well, this color trend will give a classic and elegant look to the room and also enhance the rural and rustic style.

Ideally, the shape and style of the chair covers will largely depend on the type and design of the chair, the affinity and the atmosphere you want to create. 

Easy chair covers tips

You may follow these easy tips for making the covers to dress up your chairs for the party or even just for kicks. You can make these covers from different things such as:

  • Any leftover fabrics
  • Pillowcases and surprisingly even 
  • Your T-shirts!

Apart from a proper plan to make these chair covers, there are a few specific tools and materials that you will need to go about it. These are:

  • The fabric
  • Fabric glue
  • Measuring tape and 
  • Ribbon.

The steps to create the chair covers include:

  • Measuring the back of the chair from the top of it to the floor or just short of it;
  • Measuring the front of the chair from the top till the seat cushion and then along the seat down to the floor;
  • Measuring the width of the chair;
  • Adding all measurements and allowing at least 5 cm for the seam;
  • Cutting The piece of fabric according to the measurements you have come up with;
  • Making hems on the edges of the fabric by turning these edges under and securing them with fabric glue and;
  • Gluing the piece of ribbon on the slipcover. 

Now, place the cover and secure it to the chair with the help of the ribbons.

Parting thoughts

When you design the covers, choose a theme.

This will help you in choosing the right color, design and fabric for your chair covers that will blend with the décor of the room.

It will make the room look pleasant, attractive and colorful. 

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