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Dark Horse Furniture Design

Dark Horse strives to make beautiful products that you can take on your journey that will last. All products are locally made by eco-conscious designers, from using recycled rubber mats to hemp fabric and local suppliers.

Dark Horse is a new designer furniture and wholesome apparel store which offers something more than the usual fare. Easy comfort with a broad range of strong styles is evidenced throughout the gorgeous collection, which is aimed at anyone who appreciates original design that won’t break the budget.

The Dark Horse catalogue includes storage units, tables, chairs, duffel bags, light fittings, laptop and phone covers, and much more. Every item in Dark Horse’s stable offers the ultimate in colour customisation and is designed with a unique twist and a fresh approach.


Different factors have led to the originality that defines Dark Horse. The company was started out of a passion for design and a need for furniture that would not require extravagant cost, but could still satisfy the owner’s elegant taste. Owner and designer Lise du Plessis has travelled and researched extensively, and uses this experience to cultivate a catalogue that manages to take the best ingredients from all approaches.

Angled Shelf

Having studied and worked in interior design, Lise has a deep appreciation for the masters of architecture and interiors. This has given her a sense of spatial understanding that can be seen throughout the work. Having had limited space in her CBD apartment, it was necessary for Lise to design furniture with more versatility than the average offerings but which still maintained a beautiful appearance; as can be seen by the ZigZag Trolley and Militia Bench.

ZigZag Trolley

Products such as the segment table are adaptable in use: tray inlays create the table interior, providing an interesting functionality. New interpretations, fresh innovations, aesthetic beauty, affordability and functionality, all come together to form Dark Horse.

Dark Horse supports environmentally conscious design, and uses locally produced materials and manufacturers. The shop itself is conveniently located in the Cape Town CBD, and its interior follows the same thinking as the Dark Horse products.  If you are not in Cape Town visit their online store, they courier Dark Horse products all over South Africa.

Militia Bench

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