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How to Decorate Your Home on a Budget

Story Highlights
  • 1 - Discover New Paint Finishes
  • 2 - Invest in Affordable Wall Art
  • 3 - Upgrade Lighting Fixtures
  • 4 - Install New Backsplashes
  • 5 - Shop Secondhand Furniture

Sprucing up your home to a more vibrant, inviting abode doesn’t have to break the bank.

There are several ways to enhance your home’s natural beauty that are inexpensive and easy to achieve.

Utilizing these design tips can provide you with a domestic atmosphere that conforms to your personal style and demeanor:

1 – Discover New Paint Finishes

Painting different color gradients and accented designs throughout your home’s interior can instantly awaken a room that had previously barren walls.

One of the trendiest paint styles gaining momentum is ombre finishes. By selecting three different shades of your chosen hue, you can easily create a subtle gradient that becomes the focal point of a room.

More traditional finishing methods include accented styles such as sponging paint onto the wall’s surface with a sea sponge.

Sponging is considered one of the more dramatic ways to add a sense of color to a room. Some homeowners have started engaging in this age-old practice while adding a modern twist. This new take on sponging is called sponging off.

It requires painting the wall one base color, and then sponging off some parts of the base, transforming it into a surface that gives off creativity and texture all at once.

2 – Invest in Affordable Wall Art

Choosing the right wall art can completely transform a room by creating a sense of harmony throughout the environment.

Many experts consider affordable wall art to be the finishing element in interior design. Framing colorful magazine pages or finished jigsaw puzzles can give any room a simplistic, modern twist.

For more advanced DIYers, creating a wall motif out of paint pens can be a great way to implement affordable wall art into your home’s interior. Paint pens are also known as paint markers, and they’re able to smoothly draw on a wide array of surfaces such as glass, stone, and metal.

Many people create designs while utilizing cardboard and painters tape in order to create smooth and leveled lines throughout the motif.

3 – Upgrade Lighting Fixtures

Every room in a home should have three different lighting varieties: general, specific, and ambient.

General lighting pertains to overhead lighting, and specific lighting refers to a table or task lighting. Ambient lighting fixtures are used specifically for decorative purposes. Fortunately, all three lighting varieties are affordable in terms of upgrading.

Making small, inexpensive upgrades to the lighting fixtures such as adding dimmers can create an atmosphere that continuously matches the mood you’re trying to implement.

If you’re opting for installing a new lighting system altogether, there are many affordable, larger-scale fixtures that serve as a focal point in just about any atmosphere.

4 – Install New Backsplashes

Whether you’re interested in a simple design or an intricate mosaic, tiled backsplashes are an affordable way to enhance counter space and other areas throughout your home.

Backsplash tiles don’t cost a fortune, and they come in both glass and stone. The application process is quite user-friendly with adhesive backing located on each tile’s backside for easy placement. Some even come in larger pieces of several tiles grouped together in order for easier placement.

Backsplashes not only add the element of color to a room but their textured appearance also naturally adds an accented feel.

5 – Shop Secondhand Furniture

Although purchasing secondhand furniture may require high levels of inspection before its homecoming, it still reigns as one of the smartest investments in home decor.

The longevity of secondhand furniture never has to be questioned with how many years it has already withstood. Investing in secondhand furniture for your home is not only affordable, but it can also be a smart choice in terms of your health.

New furniture often uses particleboard and formaldehyde which can create toxic fumes throughout the environment. This typically isn’t a concern when it comes to secondhand furniture, saving you extra costs and peace of mind.

Having a home that directly represents your everyday mood doesn’t have to break the bank. Investing in these affordable upgrades can provide you with the opportunity of always coming home to an atmosphere that encompasses your own personal style and preferences.

By implementing these design ideas, you will create a living space that not only conforms to your own tastes but also creates an inviting environment to anyone who stops by.

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