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How to Decorate Your House With Beautiful Rugs

Rugs are often the most underrated aspect of home decor. A rug affects the ambiance of the whole room whether it is the living room or the bedroom.

A rug is a simple but effective way to revamp the interiors of a room. They come in different sizes, textures, patterns, and quality.

It’s likely you’ll be keeping your rugs for many years, so making the perfect choice is important.

Our friends from Land of Rugs are here to elaborate on certain factors that should not be overlooked before buying a rug that reflects the purpose and style of your room:

1 – Type of room

We know that rugs should be bought in alignment to the genre of the room.

Kitchens and dining spaces have more footfall compared to a bedroom. Hence, it becomes increasingly important to buy durable and hardened rugs for areas that witness more footfall and also ensure that the rug is easy to clean because it would be a frequent task.

The shade is as important as the function and for living spaces and kitchens, a dark shade is preferable which efficiently camouflages footprints until cleaned.

2 – Area of Room

It is strongly recommended to accurately measure the perimeter of the room and never buy a rug based on assumption because it would be a costly mistake.

It is not necessary to cover the entire floor space. You can decide how much to cover that will look elegant and adequate for that particular room.

Interior decorators have coined the term called “floating rug” which is basically placing a small size rug right at the middle and makes no contact with furniture.

It should blend in well with the furniture and the different accessories you have in the room so that it doesn’t look odd.

3 – Material

The material influences the cost of the rug and also tells us about its application.

It can range from fluffy rugs to toughened ones and the prices vary accordingly. It also depends on the tenants whether they have children and pets.

Let us elaborate on the type of materials used for manufacturing rugs:

(a) Acrylic

Rugs made of acrylic are durable and are easy to clean. They can be woven as wool and is a cost-effective option.

The advantage of using acrylic rugs is that they shed negligible fluff and require minimum maintenance.

(b) Cotton

Cotton is a common material for apparels as well as rugs.

It is delicate and used mostly for decoration purposes and in places where you can expect low footprints. They are extremely soft to touch and come in different shapes and shades.

(c) Viscose

It is a delicate fiber which gives a finishing touch to the appearance of rugs.

The appearance is normally referred to as luxe finish. Normally, it is mixed with wool for improving the quality but is not meant for rough use.

4 – Shape Matters

Mostly we have come across rectangularly-shaped rugs but it is not necessary to get the traditional shape.

You can give way to experimenting and customizing your interiors by using circular or uniquely shaped rugs that fit in even better than your regular rectangular rugs.

5 – Color and Pattern

The surroundings matter and influences your choice of getting a new rug.

You have to understand the dominant shade or pattern of your furniture, walls and other objects in the room. This should give you a brief outline of what shade and color to opt for.

Rugs are available in countless colors and vary from flashy patterns to sober colors.

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