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Get Designer Rugs Online to Spice Up Your Interiors

Designer rugs are just like your designer bags or designer shoes that add a sense of vanity, sense of royalty to you.

An intricately designed rug can change the whole look of your room in an instant.

If you want to create a wholesome, unified look, instead of painting every room the same color, you can instead become a little creative and place the same rugs in all the rooms to create that much-desired unified look.

You can now buy designer rugs in floral patterns, in geometric shapes, or where you have landscapes woven on the rugs. Turkish rugs and mats are intricately designed and although they cost more, you can indulge in luxury for your home, if you have the Turkish rugs during winter. 

Make your sitting area pop by placing a designer rug

Yes, sure you can add different floor lamps, and have modern furniture to complete your living room, but do you know what can make your sitting area pop quickly? 

To keep your polished concrete floors or your timber or wooden floors in complete shape, you can place the customized rugs on the floor surface.
If you buy heavy rugs, they will not be easy to clean, but you can surely hire professionals to get the rugs cleaned and maintained.

You buy a rug which will help cancel out this noise to help you sleep and concentrate better. Order a designer rug online today! 

Liven up your hallways with rugs

Hallways always look a little empty and even scary at night. What can you do to make it better?

No, you do not have to get an interior designer to change things up
, you can head to the store and get a rug and yes, maybe install an overhead light fixture while you’re at it, and that will most likely do the job.

If you do not want to head out, you can even order designer rugs online. Several interior designing websites tend to offer designer rugs online at a considerable discount. Apart from these websites, you can also head to your favorite interior designing company’s website and order designer rugs online directly. 

Wall decors are old school – hang carpets instead 

Maybe you can go a little crazy and hang a rug on your walls in place of photo frames and wallpapers.

Rugs on walls do not look too bad. Instead, they work as a startling piece of decor! 

Add rugs to your bathroom for safety

You can also placemats instead of rugs, but mats do not add the texture, nor does it increase the look of your bathroom. 

Types of rugs you should get yourself familiar with

There are different types of rugs and these are some of them to choose from:

  • Needlepoint these are entirely hand-stitched rugs that should be placed in fewer traffic areas because these get easily worn out. 
  • Flatweave: Flatweave or Indian blankets are thin rugs, thinner than the other types of rugs. These are mainly made of cotton, jute, or silk and are available in a variety of colors, patterns, and sizes. 
  • Oriental rugs: The majority of the homeowners are familiar with oriental rugs, as they are most popular. They are incredibly versatile. They are available in single colors or you can also buy rugs that are woven of multicolored thread. In that case, the cost can be a little high. 
  • Kilim: Mainly used for decoration and also sometimes for praying. These are also thinly woven rugs. They can also be placed as a thin veil on the louvers of your window. 

The quality of rugs differs from vendor to vendor.

From all of the information given above, you can select your desired rug easily; also make sure you buy designer rugs online from a trusted merchant.


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