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Homeowners: Is DIY The Way To Go?

When something in your house breaks or needs upgrading, some of us reach for the toolbox, while others reach for the phonebook.

Are you always in doubt which option to choose?

To make things easier for you next time around, here are a number of important factors to take into consideration when making the decision of whether to attempt a repair or renovation project yourself or to hire a professional:


In an emergency situation where time is of the essence and there is the possibility of permanent damage, such as with a burst geyser, it is almost always best to get professional help.


When you are planning an upgrade, however, you may have the time to do it yourself.

However, be realistic about how many hours per week you have available to spend on it in comparison with how long the project will prospectively take.

As with putting together any ‘budget’, it is good practice to add a day or so for unforeseen circumstances.

Hone those skills

Whether or not you have tried your hand at DIY-ing before, consider your ability and willingness to learn.

Knowing your skill level helps and having a basic understanding of how to do handiwork definitely counts in your favour.

If your speciality is plumbing, then you might not find carpentry easy or enjoyable. Try it first, though. Figure out where your strengths lie and then decide if a particular project is suitable for you.

Once you have the skills and know-how to complete a project, it should give you a good idea of what you need to acquire in terms of tools and materials.

Think money

Budgeting is quintessential in determining whether or not to attempt it yourself.

Most professional renovators already have all the tools they might need at their disposal and may even buy materials in bulk at a lower price.

Know what your budget is and draw up a list of what you would need to buy and shop around for discounts. An acquaintance might even be able to help you out by lending you a specific tool.

When you know your total estimate, having added a bit more for unforeseen costs, you can compare your calculation with a quotation from a handyman to see if it would be worth your while.

Go pro

If you do decide to employ a professional repairman or renovator, you’ll see that there are a dime a dozen.

Keep in mind that your house is now your home, so treat it as such by not choosing the first, cheapest person you can find.

Ask around! Get suggestions from friends and family who have recently made use of this type of service and decide beforehand what your budget is.

Paying more for quality work will be worth it in the long run.

Closing thoughts

When the most important aspects of your home repair or maintenance project (namely timespan and urgency, your skill level, and the cost of tools and materials in comparison to a quote) have been investigated, you should have a clearer concept of whether or not you will be able to do it yourself, but also of what exactly it is that needs doing.

DIY-ing can be challenging but also highly fulfilling and there is a good reason why more and more people are opting to take on home improvement tasks themselves.


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