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5 Design Tips For Elegant Kitchen Remodeling That You’ll Love

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  • Tip#1: Solid Plan in Place
  • Tip#2: Don’t Touch Your Layout
  • Tip#3: Don’t Neglect Backsplash
  • Tip#4: Indulge In Contrasting Colors
  • Tip#5: Small Changes Can Make Big Impact
  • Final Word

A shiny, bright, artistic and modern kitchen with state of art facilities is no doubt a dream of every homeowner.

No one will like to cook meals in a dirty, dingy, small, barely lit kitchen stripped of all necessary appliances and no countertops or kitchen island.

Undoubtedly, kitchen remodeling is the top-notch priority of every household owner when they go for home remodeling.

After all, the kitchen is the heart of any household, so if its remodeling is done right, then only the whole house should run smoothly without the presence of a kitchen.

So, if you are going for a kitchen makeover, then try to incorporate these power-packed kitchen remodeling tips that have the magic to transform your kitchen into a piece of contemporary art:

Tip#1: Solid Plan in Place

The first step to kitchen remodeling is to make a solid plan. How you want your kitchen to look like so that it meets all of your requirements and needs. Make a detailed analysis of your cooking habits and then decide on the layout.

Do you bake a lot and need countertops adjacent to the oven? Which oven are you comfortable using? Gas or electric? Do you really need high-end appliances like instant pot, beater, chopper, griller, rice cooker? Do you cook lots of curries using strong spices and need a modern hood for proper ventilation and so on.

First, know how you use your kitchen and then make a plan according to it about its remodeling. Renovate your kitchen according to your functionality and cooking habits.

Incorporate things which you will use regularly instead of those items which will only enhance the beauty of your kitchen but will serve no real purpose.

Tip#2: Don’t Touch Your Layout

Unless you are on a tight budget, don’t consider touching the layout of your kitchen. In other words, leave the plumbing bad appliances in their respective places.

Your budget dictates how creative you can get with your kitchen remodeling project. If it allows then you can touch the plumbing, change the place of the sink, dishwasher, change your electrical sockets, move your cabinets to another wall and so on.

Also, try to get quotes from as many designers on your kitchen remodeling ideas so that you can get realistic knowledge of the final price and can decide whether to go with it or not.

Don’t be tempted by home improvement shows which make it seem that changing the layout of the kitchen is a breezy task.

In reality, it is not! It requires proper planning, budget and professional execution.

Tip#3: Don’t Neglect Backsplash

No doubt a dramatic, modern backsplash instantly draws the attention of onlooker and contribute to the overall look of your kitchen.

Nowadays, you can easily find hundreds of kitchen backsplash tile designs and ideas which can fit in any budget.

Also, cover all of your kitchens with backsplash tile till the ceiling. It will not only look good, create visual height, but will also be extremely cost-effective. Moreover, laying backsplash tiles on all the four walls of your kitchen will cover any noticeable cracks on the drywall.

Tip#4: Indulge In Contrasting Colors

By using contrasting colors on your kitchen wall, floor bad countertop adds depth and perception in your otherwise boring, plain, kitchen.

If you are not a fan of a monochromatic look, then choose contracting tones or colors to add aesthetic appeal in your kitchen.

While deciding on the color palette of your kitchen, either incorporate a neutral shade with a bold one, for instance, royal blue with pale grey or choose one warm shade and one cool shade like of white with sunny yellow.

This will not only look visually appealing but will add character and aura in your kitchen. Also, do contrast on every single item of the kitchen like island, cabinets, and tile or allow one single color to rule the entire space.

Tip#5: Small Changes Can Make Big Impact

Sometimes only changing your lighting fixtures, swapping bar stools, changing the color of cabinets can bring a big change in your kitchen remodeling project.

Before going for a complete kitchen makeover, ask yourself, whether you need to update your kitchen aesthetics or improve its functionality?

If your kitchen is not functioning properly, the kitchen remodeling is the only way out. However, if you want to improve the aesthetic look of your kitchen, then it is best to give a new makeover to your kitchen by changing wallpaper color, cabinet color, upholstering kitchen chairs and hanging pendant lights.

Your remodeling cost will undoubtedly go down by manifold if you concentrate on making small changes instead of major ones.

Final Word

Kitchen remodeling is not an easy task and should not be taken lightly. It entails proper planning and execution.  

In order to get your dream kitchen, which is not only functional, but looks straight out of home improvement magazines, employs these power-packed tips.

About the author: Sarah is an experienced house remodeling contractor, and has been in this business for more than a decade. She is very enthusiastic about her work and keeps herself updated by the latest home improvement trend.

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