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6 Unique Elements for Home Design

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  • 1 - Natural Elements
  • 2 - Custom Shelving
  • 3 - Hidden Rooms
  • 4 - Utility Rooms
  • 5 - Heated Spaces
  • 6 - Expanded Technology

Designing and building a home from scratch is a huge undertaking.

It can be exhausting making all the hundreds of decisions from drawer pulls to baseboard width.

Before you get down to the nitty-gritty, step back from the process and really think about the bigger spaces and how to utilize them to the benefit and enjoyment of your family:

1 – Natural Elements

Often, home design is focused on the indoor spaces, but don’t neglect how you will connect the natural world to the inside of your home.

Using the architectural services of a company with this type of experience can help you shape your indoor/outdoor spaces.

Start by imagining what room would be enhanced by natural light and consider adding some beautiful skylights to that space. Atriums in the middle of the house are an unusual touch that allows you to always have greenery in your view.

An expert can help you choose just the right types of plants. A well-thought-out patio creates extra living space especially if you design it for comfort such as adding soft lighting, ceiling fans, an outdoor kitchen, and heating or cooling elements depending on your climate.

2 – Custom Shelving

If your home is going to have swooping ceilings and architectural focal points, think about adding in some built-in shelving.

Unlike after-market shelves that may not quite fill an awkward space, built-in shelves can be created in the most unlikely nooks and crannies of your home as well as across an expansive wall.

The shelves themselves can be designed to highlight particular art pieces you already own or intend to buy. Lighting can also be built right in.

3 – Hidden Rooms

If you’re building from the ground up, why not add a secret room?

These special places, often hidden behind movable bookcases, make great home offices.

Not only do they provide privacy for sensitive work, but because they are generally hidden from view, there is no need to worry about how tidy the room is.

If guests come over, simply slide the bookshelves back in place.

4 – Utility Rooms

Utility rooms aren’t sexy, so often they become an afterthought in home design. Because they are the workhorses of the house, they should be given their due.

A mudroom on the bottom floor should be big enough to get in and out of heavy coats easily. There should be maximum and personalized storage for every member of the house (including pets) to leave their boots and bags. Having a well-organized mudroom goes a long way to creating a well-organized home.

Laundry rooms are best moved to the second floor near the bedrooms.

They should be large enough to hold a pile or two of dirty clothes and sheets without spilling into the hallway. There should be ample space for delicate items to air dry and for laundry soap storage (and, of course, the bin for lost socks).

5 – Heated Spaces

A great luxury in a new home to install specifically heated spaces where you need them most. Heating bathroom floors are divine, as are heated towel racks.

6 – Expanded Technology

Today’s smart devices can run everything from your HVAC system to home security to lighting to music.

If you’re building a new home, it may be time to embrace all that technology has to offer. Imagine pulling up in your driveway and having the lights come on and your favorite tunes playing through your ceiling-mounted speakers before you even walk in the door.

Since technology is advancing so rapidly, don’t skimp on outlets around your house. Consider adding multiple outlets in bedrooms and bathrooms.

Designing a new home can be rewarding when you get to plan it exactly the way you know will make your family happy and your home life harmonious. Start with the big ideas first and by the time you get to the drawer pulls, you’ll be ready to make those decisions.


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