6 Ways to Enjoy Your Increased Time at Home

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  • 1. Relax
  • 2. Catch Up With Friends
  • 3. Work Your Brain
  • 4. Find Your Favorite Workout
  • 5. Start a Journal
  • 6. Learn Something New

No one could have predicted a pandemic in the year 2020, but at least everyone has some extra time on their hands.

With businesses, activities and social events canceled left and right, some individuals may feel like they have too much time to spend on their own.

If you’re not one of the lucky people to relish their newfound free time, here’s how to enjoy your increased time at home:

1. Relax

Relaxation looks different to everyone. For your mom, relaxing might mean grabbing an extra glass of wine or extra time for baking. For your kids, this might mean learning the newest Tik Tok dance.

For you, this could mean more time for your hobbies, or it could be the perfect time for some home improvements.

You can search for “pool builders near me” to start the ultimate backyard project. When you’ve got a new pool, you’ll be able to exercise or just chill on a float. If you have kids, this is a great way to keep everyone entertained away from electronics during the warmer months.

2. Catch Up With Friends

If you’ve suddenly got too much time on your hands, chances are your friends and family do too.

Why not use this time to catch up, chat, and reminisce?

Depending on your location, you may even be able to do a socially distanced lunch. If not, the internet has plenty of options for video calls.

While not quite the real thing, it does come close and seeing a few familiar places can be wonderful when you’re feeling lonely or isolated.

3. Work Your Brain

If you’ve ever wanted to sharpen your mind, now is a great time to get into a new healthy habit.

Working on a puzzle for even a little while each day can have a big impact on cognitive function.

If a typical jigsaw puzzle isn’t for you, try out sudoku or crosswords. You can get entire books of puzzles for a low price, and many can be found online for free. Don’t stress yourself out trying to be perfect.

Treat it like a fun activity you get to do rather than have to do, and if one puzzle doesn’t work out, switch to another.

4. Find Your Favorite Workout

Exercise is important to overall health, and too many people think they have to run or lift weights in order to be healthy.

There are many ways to work out, and if you don’t enjoy exercise, the problem could simply be that you haven’t found the right one for you yet.

Check out some workout videos online or try a new socially distanced class. You could discover a new favorite hobby that’s good for you, too.

5. Start a Journal

Lots of people have used this time to start a blog or a podcast because they feel they have something important to say, but don’t feel the need to document your thoughts publicly if you don’t want to.

The events of this year are unprecedented, and writing down your thoughts, emotions, and frustrations can be extremely cathartic, even if no one else sees your words.

A time may come in the future when you’ll want to look back on what this time was like and see how far you’ve come.

6. Learn Something New

Schools may be closed (more often than open), but the internet has plenty of courses available, and many of them are free. You can learn just about anything from a variety of sources, including university courses. If academia isn’t for you, try learning how to play an instrument or a new craft.

You might be wishing you were on a beach, at the movies, or at an amusement park, but life is still going to look different for a while.

Whether you see all this time at home as a blessing or a curse, all that matters is what you do with it.

No matter what interests you, there are lots of activities to make the most of life at home this year.


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