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5 Worst Feng Shui Mistakes to Avoid

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  • 1 - Clutter
  • 2 - Improperly-placed mirror in the foyer
  • 3 - Raised toilet lid
  • 4 - Greenery in the bedroom
  • 5 - Bed on the same wall as the door

The ancient Chinese had a theory that by simply decorating your home in a certain way, you could let the good energy circulate in your house and it could even lead to bringing you good luck.

Many homeowners have turned to the mystical art of Feng Shui when they decorate their houses.

The home is a metaphor for our life and Feng Shui can help transform our conscious and subconscious mind. The result is a harmonious abode that can be felt on all levels.

If you want to harness all the good energy in your home, make sure to avoid these 5 Feng Shui mistakes:

1 – Clutter

You can never be truly Zen if you can’t see your kitchen counters.

Clearing out extra stuff is essential for good vibes. Clutter causes your qi to be stagnant and the flow of energy can be blocked in this space.

Tossing things out will enrich your house and energize it without even following all the Feng Shui rules.

And, if you are really at your wits end, you can tell your family to jump in or hire a professional to help you declutter.

A Feng Shui expert can be brought in to fine-tune the overall energy in the house.

2 – Improperly-placed mirror in the foyer

Mirrors are great pieces of decoration and where would we be without our foyer mirrors, there for us to do one last check before we leave the house?

Of course, we won’t dream of telling you to ditch it, but the real Feng Shui issue here is the placement of the mirrors.

The front door is our connection to the outside world and by hanging a mirror right in front of it, you run the risk of losing good vibes.

The point of the mirror is to reflect positive energy and by putting it on this spot, you might ‘push away’ the good vibes trying to enter your home.

Rather place it on a side wall – you’ll not only allow good energy to enter the house, but you’ll be able to do one last check upon leaving the house as well!

3 – Raised toilet lid

This one is easy to avoid – just keep the lid closed!

An open toilet is like an open drain in your home and by exposing it, you might just let the good fortune escape.

Shutting it will restore the positive energy to your bathroom and to your home. Plus, it’ll also make for a more pleasing sight when you enter the room.

4 – Greenery in the bedroom

Even though nature might be the ultimate manifestation of good qi, it is something that does not belong in the bedroom.

Potted plants might threaten the positive atmosphere of the room and affect the relationship with your partner.

This is because the plants are actively growing and aren’t giving off restful energy needed in a bedroom. For good Feng Shui, you can add music, candles, chimes and firelight, because all these play on the senses.

Perhaps keep the greenery for the kitchen or the patio.

5 – Bed on the same wall as the door

The bedroom is the most important space in the home because we spend about a third of our lives here, whether it is sleeping or rejuvenating ourselves.

One of the things you should not do is to put the bed on the same side as the door.

Feng Shui experts note that the bed should be seen from the door and by placing it behind the door, you negate the sublime vibe in your room!

If you can’t avoid this, hang a mirror in front of the bed so that you can see the door in the reflection.

If you are sceptical, try it and let the good vibes flow through you!


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