3 Flooring Tips to Maximise the Value of Your Home

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  • 1 - Make sure your floors look brand-new
  • 2 - Ways to refurbish your existing floors
  • 3 - Options for replacement flooring

Did you know that homes with hardwood floors often sell more quickly at a higher price – as reported by Kiplinger?

If you are selling your home in South Africa in the near future, the type and condition of the flooring you have are incredibly important.

Thankfully, if your floors are currently in less-than-perfect condition, there are numerous things that you can do. No matter what your budget may be, there are excellent strategies for both replacing and refurbishing what you now have.

Not sure where to start?

Explore the reasons as to why it is essential to have flooring that looks new when selling your home, as well as ways to get the most for your home:

1 Make sure your floors look brand-new

Picture this: You are a buyer who is looking for a place to call home. You walk into one home, notice that the floors are clean and of high quality.

The next home you visit is nearly identical in layout, style, and the pricing is even lower. However, the carpets seem dated and have minor stains, and the hard flooring throughout the home is damaged.

Which home do you choose?

Real estate agents throughout the world advise getting your home’s flooring in top shape before selling since these are the homes that buyers are choosing.

Not only do clean, undamaged, and quality floors make a good first impression, but they are also proven to sell quicker. In many cases, you will also receive more money for your home.

2 Ways to refurbish your existing floors

Don’t have the time or budget to replace your existing flooring? This is often not a problem, as there are solutions for refurbishing your existing floors.

If you have various kinds of hard flooring like hardwood or marble, a buffer can freshen up your flooring. Instead of going through the major expense of replacing your floors, buffering your home’s floors can smooth out scratches and restore its original, brilliant shine.

If you have carpets, the best option is to schedule a professional carpet cleaning. Even if you have tough stains and pet odors imbedded in your carpeting, a thorough cleaning can make your floors look like new again.

3 Options for replacement flooring

If you have the budget, replacing your floors can often be a wise choice. This is true in instances where you have carpet stains that won’t come out or flooring that is damaged beyond repair.

When looking at the best options for replacing your current flooring, hardwood is almost always king.

Among home buyers that were surveyed, 83 per cent of people said that they desired hardwood flooring (as reported by Kiplinger). Additionally, Quicken Loans published an article stating that another 54 per cent of buyers would pay significantly more for a home that included quality hardwood floors.

Aside from adding real hardwood flooring, engineered wood flooring is also another strongly desired option.

Why are both types of flooring so desired by buyers? They are easy to care for and last a long time (when compared to other choices).

In addition to the other improvements that you need to make prior to selling your home in South Africa, it is crucial to add flooring to your to-do list.

Whether you are refurbishing or replacing, speak with multiple vendors to ensure that you are receiving the best deals on materials.

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