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5 Steps to Get More Customers As a Real Estate Agent

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  • 1 - Getting Leads
  • 2 - Pay-Per-Click
  • 3 - Social Media Marketing
  • 4 - Build a Great Website
  • 5 - Ensure You Have Good SEO

Being a real estate agent has changed quite a lot in the last decade with the massive increase in online marketing.

Clients are nearly always online when looking to buy homes, whether it is to see photos of a listing or to view more competitive offers on other websites.

If you consider yourself a best-in-class real estate agent but you are struggling to build a larger client base, then you may need to consider improving your digital marketing!

Consider these tips below to get you started:

1 – Getting Leads

The internet is full of information everywhere, including contact information for prospective clients.

You bet your bottom dollar/rand that it’s possible for you to purchase leads online for people who may be interested in buying a home in your area.

Some leads are more expensive than others, which is usually dependent on how new the lead is and how interested the person is. Leads can be a helpful way for you to reach out to people who are already interested in purchasing a home, which may be a great use of your time.

2 – Pay-Per-Click

Advertisements are almost everywhere online. Even some of the most reputable companies often have some sort of advertisement hovering around the website you are visiting.

You could greatly benefit from using pay-per-click (PPC) advertising by targeting individuals who have shown interest in buying real estate, whether it was by searching or visiting websites that correlate with real estate.

Using pay-per-click advertising is a common way to advertise a business and you can easily modify the demographics of your advertisements to be sure to only target people in your area.

3 – Social Media Marketing

Another great way to generate leads for you is by marketing yourself on social media.

The method works fairly similar to the pay-per-click option, but this time you set up a post or some sort of content relevant to home buying and then boost that post through social media to target a specific demographic of your choosing.

A massive amount of people spend hours every day visiting social media websites, so by maintaining a presence on social media, you could help generate many more leads.

You also do not generally need to pay money to market yourself on social media by simply scheduling an active stream of content per day on your social media profile.  

4 – Build a Great Website

Just like any other business, your business could benefit from a website makeover.

The average attention span in today’s society is pretty low, so it is important to make sure your real estate website has what it takes to keep the attention of your visitors.

By keeping your website clean, professional, and well-designed, you could see an increase of new clients simply because they liked what they saw and they enjoyed what you represent as a real estate professional.

If you are too busy or you feel like you lack creative expertise, you could hire a website designer to take care of it for you. A new website design is often fairly affordable and done fairly quickly, depending on the amount of work that is needed.

5 – Ensure You Have Good SEO

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a fantastic way for businesses to ensure that their presence is known online.

When a potential customer initiates a search query on a search engine, businesses or websites relevant to that query take place on the search results page.

The higher the search result is on the page, the more likely the user will click on that link. Ensuring that your website has the proper front and back-end SEO could help boost your presence in the search results, especially in your chosen demographic.

Some of these options may seem daunting or difficult to do, especially when you would rather be busy selling houses. If you do not have the time or ability to put into practice some of these tips, be sure to contact a professional who can help you.

Your business deserves the recognition it needs, so be sure to consider these options and look for ways to improve your business. 


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