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Are your Carpets becoming a Headache? Here’s why you should consider Carpet Removal

Story Highlights
  • 1) Carpet removal cancels out carpet maintenance
  • 2) You are stuck with the colour for life
  • 3) Carpet removal might alleviate your allergies
  • 4) Carpets are not as durable as other flooring options
  • 5) Carpet removal can get rid of bad smells
  • 6) Carpets can become hot in the summer

Carpet removal is becoming more and more popular with modern homeowners. Often old houses come with carpets so ancient and uncared for that it ruins the entire look of the house.

Apart from the aesthetic challenges it poses, it can also be harmful to your family’s health and it is difficult to maintain.

If you have just purchased a home with a carpet, perhaps it is time to consider carpet removal. Here are a few reasons why. 

1) Carpet removal cancels out carpet maintenance

One of the biggest gripes homeowners have with carpeted floors is that it is difficult to maintain. It requires constant vacuuming, sweeping, and cleaning. Dust and other dirt particles often get stuck to the fibres which makes it even more tedious to get rid of.

Then there is the problem of stains. Tough stains can provide a bit of a challenge when dealing with carpets if you don’t know any stain removal recipes. This means that you might have to pay extra for deep cleaning experts to have the job done for you.

2) You are stuck with the colour for life

Unfortunately, permanent carpets also mean that you are stuck with the colour for the duration of your homeownership. This can severely limit any decorating plans that you have. It also means that future renovations will be even trickier to manage.

Not only are you stuck with the same colour but the colour of the carpet also fades over time. Then you are left with old, worn-out flooring that doesn’t look all that great anymore!

Getting a company to reinstall a new colour carpet can cost quite a few bucks; you might as well just opt for carpet removal. 

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3) Carpet removal might alleviate your allergies

As previously stated, there are a lot of dust and dirt particles stuck to the fibres of your carpet. No matter how vigorously or regularly you clean, these bad boys cling to the carpets for a very long time.

Constant exposure to dust particles contributes to allergies so every time you walk over the carpet, these dust particles are released into your home. You could be alleviating your allergies when you remove your carpets.

Except for the dust caught in your carpet, many synthetic carpets contain toxic chemicals which could also be harmful to your health in the long run. 

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4) Carpets are not as durable as other flooring options

It is a given that carpets will become worn over time even if you don’t wear shoes in the house. It is not a durable material and some homeowners even start seeing wear and tear after as little as 10 years. Because you spend so much time in your home walking on the floors, you can consider installing something that lasts a bit longer.

Tiles and hardwood floors are great alternatives. If a tile cracks or breaks, it is easy to fix it yourself. In a similar vain, if you maintain your hardwood floors, they can last up to 30 years. These are also easier to clean and maintain than carpets. 

5) Carpet removal can get rid of bad smells

If you find constant unpleasant smells in your house, it might be your carpets.

Because it is so difficult to clean stains and other dirt out of the carpets, there are many nasty leftover particles just sitting in the fibres of the carpet.

The longer it sits there, the more it smells. The best way to overcome this problem is to remove the carpets.

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6) Carpets can become hot in the summer

If you live in a city like Durban where the summers are extremely hot then carpet removal might be the best solution. Carpets are great for winters because they trap heat and you don’t have to walk on cold floors in the mornings.

But if you live in a city where the winters aren’t that cold then carpets can add to the heat building in your home. In this case, tiles are a better solution because the house is cooler all year round

Final thoughts

If you are experiencing any of these problems, it might be time to pull up the old permanent carpet in your home. If you still want a warm alternative for flooring, you can always purchase a throw rug that is machine washable. 

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