Time to Invest for the Future in a Slice of the Past?

A positive upward trend that has been in development the past few years is the first-class historic real estate market.

It is high in demand due to the nature of the value of these properties: they are only going to increase as long as the building is maintained. Historic properties are open to everyone all over the world and it attracts international clients, giving them access to several different types of exclusive properties.

Strong demand

The strongest buyer demand for historic residences comes from Western Europe, the USA, Russia, and a few far Eastern countries. Saudi Arabian clients have also been known to dabble in historic residences all over the world.

Properties that have been the most popular amongst these clients are palaces, manor houses and stately homes, country estates, castles, and occasionally old cloisters. Interest is primarily aimed at properties in countries such as Switzerland, Germany, Italy, Belguim, and Spain.

It might sound like something unreal to regular folks who are interested in the property market, but these properties offer high returns.

Buying motives

There are many different reasons why buyers are interested in historic properties. Often it is an entrepreneur fulfilling the dream to own such a property.

Many times it is also a long-term traditional investment where appreciation and awareness of heritage plays a huge role. The property is carried over from one generation to the next.

Investors, on the other hand, have business motives: they purchase historic properties in order to convert it into a restaurant or guest house or even event venues. The properties that are in good condition usually sell fast, especially if it comes with things like hunting rights and woodland or farmland.

Upside potential

The potential for appreciation in the value of historic properties differs greatly.

The main criterion is generally the overall condition and conservation status. It is very difficult to renovate historic buildings without it losing its history and no one wants to own a building that is falling apart at the seams.

Another important aspect that needs to be taken into consideration is location. As with any property, the neighborhood and the location will determine its success and interest.

Other decisive factors include the building’s historic prowess, cultural status, and any exceptional appointment features.

Competent consultation

Historic residences often don’t cost as much as people think, especially if the building has to be renovated.

Sometimes a manor house with a rich history can cost less than a freehold apartment in an inner city location.

It should be kept in mind, however, that upkeep and maintenance will cost more than a normal dwelling. Costs can rise when aspects of modernization are brought into the mix and the cultivation of the property.

It is important to consult with experts before taking the leap and buying a historic property to ensure that you can afford it – not only the purchase price but the associated monthly maintenance costs as well!

Personal motivations

It often happens that families release the ancestral seat of the house and list it because it is difficult to maintain it financially.

Other people simply want to move closer to the city or their family is becoming smaller and a huge home doesn’t suit them anymore. These homes are usually linked with aristocratic members within the area so the sales are treated with discretion.

Sellers are often a community of heirs that decide collectively what should happen to the property.

All-in-all, historic properties have made its appearance over the years and as the trends show, they will continue to be successful on the property market.

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