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5 Comfy Home Design Trends You May Want to Follow

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  • No.1 - Eating in the home
  • No.2 - Living with the family
  • No.3 - Covering the walls
  • No.4 - Bedrooms
  • No.5 - Bathroom relaxation

In the past few decades, there has been a noticeable change in home design trends and many of them are constantly changing every single year.

You might remember a time where shag carpets were all the rage and now you don’t see many of them in homes anymore.

In 2019, you are more likely to see bright and bold colours and patterns in places you don’t expect, like the bathroom.

Here are a few design trends you might want to try out to make 2019 the year of lush living:

No.1 – Eating in the home

If you have just bought a modern house or apartment, one of the things you might notice is that the formal dining room area is gone.

Families prefer sitting on bar stools and enjoying their food in the kitchen or they simply eat in the living room. Brighter light will be a trend in the kitchen, especially under the kitchen cabinets.

Brass will make a comeback when it comes to appliances and two-toned cabinets will also be popular.

The kitchen cannot just be for cooking anymore. And just because we spend so much of our time here, it needs to be inviting.

No.2 – Living with the family

The living room has always been a place where families can enjoy each other’s company and relax after a long day.

More and more families are using this space to entertain and do participate in fun activities with their kids.

This means that the décor has to match the purpose of the living room. Carpeting has pretty much gone out the window and has been replaced with tiles which are easier to clean if something spills or if a scribble finds itself stuck on the floor.

No.3 – Covering the walls

The walls say a lot about your personal design style and it is the easiest way to make small but significant changes to the décor of the house.

You have probably already walked into several homes and the walls are adorned with canvas paintings, mirrors, and other exciting designs.

This year opens up the opportunity for bold patterns and bright colours to decorate your walls. There will also be more wallpaper options so that entire walls can be transformed into bright and bold patterns.

Gone are the days where you simply add stickers and hang photos to make it look nice.

No.4 – Bedrooms

The bedroom has become more than just a place to sleep. It is a space that needs to be designed so that ultimate tranquility can be achieved after a long day.

Many homes now have main bedrooms on the first floor and bedrooms for the children or guests on the second floor.

These days, people have huge wardrobes in their main bedrooms so that all their clothes can fit in there and not just the seasonal outfits they wear every day.

More bedrooms are also being designed with bold patterns and bright colours instead of the neutral designs we are used to.

No.5 – Bathroom relaxation

This is a room in the house we don’t really give much attention to because we don’t spend as much time in here.

The 2019 trend guide says otherwise: transforming your bathroom into a spa-like area will definitely allow you to relax more when you take a bath or a shower.

Tubs often have jet systems to create whirlpools and showers have multiple heads that offer different massage pressures. Soothing calm colours are recommended for the bathroom such as teal and green. White tiles with designs will also be trending along with laminate flooring that looks like hardwood.


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