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7 Stunning Home Exterior Makeover Ideas

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  • #1 - Spruce up your yard
  • #2 - Take care of your porch
  • #3 - Show your front door some love
  • #4 - Fix the roof
  • #5 - Update your façade
  • #6 - Take care of your windows
  • #7 - Light it up

Our homes are our own little sanctuaries.

They are the places that allow us to fully embrace and express our personal styles and set up even the tiniest details to match our preferences.

However, people usually tend to focus their efforts more on the interiors of their homes.

On the other hand, if you consider the fact that the appearance of your home from the outside is almost as equally important as what it holds on the inside, it becomes quite clear that your home’s exterior deserves some love as well.

With that in mind, here are some interesting makeover ideas you can apply to your house’s exterior:

#1 – Spruce up your yard

Your yard is the first thing that requires your attention.

Unkempt yards can easily make any house look less than, no matter how carefully and well-maintained it may actually be.

That’s why you should make sure that your lawn is mowed regularly, there’s no withered foliage and that your driveway or pathways are not cracked or damaged in any way.

#2 – Take care of your porch

Peeling paint and chipping lacquer is not something you want to have on your porch.

Therefore, check every part of it and see if anything needs to be done – either look or functionality-wise.

If your porch needs just a slight upgrade, sand it down, clean it thoroughly and treat it with a fresh coat of either lacquer or paint. Furthermore, see if your porch furniture is looking nice and take care of it as well if necessary.

#3 – Show your front door some love

The front door works as a direct portal between the outdoor world and your home’s interior.

That’s why it should always be in peak condition.

Aside from cleaning or repainting them, make sure you invest in an interesting doormat. Additionally, you can hang a seasonal wreath on your front door and change it with the seasons.

This will be a nice little touch that will instantly boost the look of your home and give it some extra pizzazz.

#4 – Fix the roof

The roof of your home is definitely another thing you need to pay attention to.

Not only will a well-maintained roof make your home look aesthetically pleasing but it is also an essential part of your home’s structural integrity.

However, when inspecting and fixing your roof, you want to make sure you obtain all the necessary equipment upfront to maximize your safety during the project.

That’s why you should find an affordable scaffolding rental to ensure that you have a sturdy structure to rely on and even obtain a roof safety harness to minimize the chances of any mishaps.

#5 – Update your façade

Your home’s façade makes for the largest part of your home’s exterior. That’s precisely why it needs to be in the best possible condition at all times. Depending on the climate you live in and the elements your home’s exposed to over the year, you will want to paint your façade regularly.

When choosing a color, avoid going with anything too crazy or over the top. Toned-down and muted shades are usually the best way to go.

For some additional inspiration, you can check out other houses in your neighborhood and go with a shade that will make yours fit right in.

#6 – Take care of your windows

Your windows – or the eyes of your home – also need some TLC if you want to ensure that your exterior looks stunning.

Just like you pay special attention to window treatments in your interior design, you need to show the same amount of love from the outside.

That’s why you should check to see if you need to repair anything first, and if not, you can move on to decorating. If you have window shutters, you can repaint them to match your aesthetics and you can even add some potted outdoor plants to your window sills.

This will create a cozy, beautiful vibe that will easily elevate the overall look of your home.

#7 – Light it up

Finally, lighting plays an essential role outdoors as it does indoors.

For instance, you can use pathway solar lights to outline and illuminate your pathways and driveway. Furthermore, you can use solar lights to cast some shine on your front staircase as well.

Use outdoor LED lights to illuminate your porch and even invest in LED fairy lights to set a mood and add a touch of romance to your outdoors.

All of these ideas work best when combined together to elevate the look of your home both style and functionality-wise. But the best part is that even if you opt to implement a single one of these upgrades, your home is bound to look a hundred times better.

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