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Can a Home Gym Add Value to Your Home?

Story Highlights
  • Easy Access to Workout Facilities
  • Set Your Own Rules
  • Less Commute
  • Save Money
  • The House is Easier to Sell

Can a home gym add value to your home?

The quick answer is no if you are only referring to the financial value of the house. However, having your own gym at home greatly increases the perceived value of the property. 

While setting up a gym at home will not affect the financial value of the house, it will make it more desirable for some buyers should selling time come.

Since many people today include health and fitness in their priorities, a home gym is an advantage for many homebuyers. 

Besides that it is easy to find buyers for a house for sale that has a gym, there are plenty of reasons why you might want to consider adding a home gym to your house:

Easy Access to Workout Facilities

You won’t need to leave home for an hour or two when you have access to a treadmill, a bench press, barbells, and other workout equipment at home.

You can set your own schedule and make sudden changes according to your availability.

Additionally, you can use the equipment for as long as you like without having to worry about another person waiting in line.

Set Your Own Rules

When you are the owner, you get to decide your rules. Simple.

Many local fitness centers have a long list of house rules. For instance, gym members are not allowed to bring drinks, have to wait for their turn, and should wipe down equipment and store away after use, for example. 

When you own the gym, you can break the common gym rules and maybe, decide a fixed schedule for cleaning and sanitation.

Less Commute

Since you have access to your own gym, you do not need to leave the house and drive or commute.

You save time and money, not to mention it is a lot safer to stay within your premises.

Save Money

On average, a person in South Africa spends R8,000 every year for a gym membership. Consider spending that amount plus a number of restrictions and hassles from commutes, unwanted interactions, and more. 

You don’t have to spend that amount every year when you can have a basic gym at home for only R12,000. The price is cheaper in the long run depending on the type of equipment you want to invest in. 

A home gym is definitely cheaper because you have unlimited access to it and all members of the household can use it as well.

The House is Easier to Sell

Some home additions, like a swimming pool and solar panels, add financial value to a home.

As we’ve stated before, a home gym does not increase the price of the property, yet, it makes for a good addition because it helps make a house easier to sell.


Remember, setting up a gym does not improve the financial value of a residential property, only the perceived value. Yet, that’s a great improvement!

Obviously, a gym at home benefits you as well because it improves your urge to stay fit, saves you a lot of money, and gives you enough privacy to work out with peace.


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