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5 Home Improvement Ideas When Dealing with Concrete

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  • 1 - Walls
  • 2 - Island or Kitchen Counters
  • 3 - Outdoor Space
  • 4 - Bathroom
  • 5 - Fireplace

Concrete is no longer meant for only outdoor spaces and construction zones.

Instead, it is a composite material that now pops up in unexpected places in our interiors, such as bathtubs, walls, and beyond.

Homeowners are doing more interesting remodels with concrete, such as staircases, trough sinks, shower stalls, wall panels, fireplace surrounds, and furniture pieces. The possibilities of concrete seem endless.

Remodels done with cement are also extremely durable, cheap, and easy to stain with texture for flair or beautiful colors. Concrete remodels defied all odds and are no longer just for modern spaces.

Homeowners can use concrete remodels to complement their interior features, as explained in the home improvement ideas below:

1 – Walls

Anyone living in a reasonably modern home would probably consider adding a concrete accent wall to the interior.

Concrete accent walls often can mix in warm textures such as soft bed linens and blond woods to add warmth. Homeowners can layer on various textures and colors on a concrete access wall with a putty knife or trowel to achieve a more intricate look.

A concrete accent wall can add drama and personality to your living room much better than wallpapers and paints. Most concrete accent walls are often fitted with 3-D element textures.

2 – Island or Kitchen Counters

The rise of the farmhouse-chic craze has contributed to the popularity of concrete kitchen counters. Homeowners can use concrete to design that blend of industrial, rustic tables that they are craving.

Kitchen counters are often the visual centerpiece of a home. There is no sign that your kitchen concrete counters will fade into the background any time soon. Instead, these are cost-effective, stylish, and durable ways to design a modern kitchen.

The possibilities of concrete countertops are endless.

Homeowners can customize their size, decorative elements, shape, and color. Many concrete treatments allow a homeowner to bring any idea to life, which may not be possible with other construction materials. Instead of topping an island with marble or granite, top it up with concrete for durability and great looks.

3 – Outdoor Space

Things aren’t necessarily special with the use of concrete outdoors. However, designers often keep bringing it back because of its efficiency and versatility. Plus, nowadays, homeowners can have fun with their concrete outdoor features.

Hire a pro to stamp your concrete table with patterns or stain it with designs to make your next dinner party lively. Alternatively, go traditional with concrete fire pits, tables, and benches.

4 – Bathroom

Concrete countertops in the bathroom can be extended.

For example, a homeowner can decide to outfit their bathroom with a trendy concrete sink or snag a topless bathroom vanity and then top it up with a concrete slab.

Concrete tends to work well, even in unexpected places such as stained floors and soaking tubs.

However, concrete elements might sometimes have to be paired with other materials to maintain an inviting vibe. Such a texture can help warm up your living room.

You might need to use concrete accessories such as soap dishes for a lighter touch in your bathroom.

5 – Fireplace

Of course, not everyone is into the idea of insulating an entire wall to keep a room warm.

A fireplace can be a solution to anyone interested in keeping a home warm without covering the walls. A fireplace is a standalone feature that can fit almost any interior. Homeowners can surround their fireplace with either geometric concrete tiles or stained concrete to make it fashionable.  

Concrete has snuck out of outdoor home improvements and is now making its way into our interior.

Concrete has surprising uses, and its durability often delights many homeowners. Concrete has become the new workhorse for most home remodels.

Concrete has been around for a while now, but it has brought massive advances in home improvement projects. Concrete can be molded to fit any shape and size and is fire-resistant, sustainable, affordable, and durable. You can emboss, stamp, polish, or dye your concrete to match the design of your home.



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