5 Simple Reasons Your Home Is Not Selling

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  • No.1 - Your home simply isn’t cutting it
  • No.2 - The wrong listing agent
  • No.3 - Your home isn't priced to sell
  • No.4 - Your photos are lacking
  • No.5 - Not enough marketing

You have put your house on the market, but it’s been weeks and weeks, and you haven’t had a single serious offer.

Heck, not even one request for a showing!

You might be feeling despondent, like you are never going to sell your house but there is always a solution to any problem. It might be that your home just isn’t being received as positively as you had hoped.

Here are a few ways in which you can alter the way you market your home and how you portray it to potential buyers:

No.1 – Your home simply isn’t cutting it

It’s not nice to hear but unfortunately, it might be a possibility.

The first thing you need to do is do research about the local real estate scene: if 90% of the homes in your market are not selling, then you have to outshine the rest of the 10%.

Find out what similarities they have and alter your home according to that. This can be anything from the interior design to the curb appeal.

For example, if the other homes are carpeted and yours isn’t, it might be an indicator as to why it is not selling.

Ask your real estate agent for help on this one.

No.2 – The wrong listing agent

This can be the worst mistake you can make when selling your home.

Your agent needs to be competent, skilled, and have a lot of experience when it comes to selling a house. They are supposed to guide you on the journey and the wrong agent could get you lost.

Communication should be clear and open. It shouldn’t feel like you are bothering the agent with questions or suggestions.

Find out from previous clients what their experience was and try to determine how many homes they have sold at the original asking price.

No.3 – Your home isn’t priced to sell

Of course, you don’t want to give away your house for next to nothing, but you also don’t want to scare potential buyers away with over-the-top prices.

It is extremely important that you put the right price on your home.

Avoid overpricing your home by examining and comparing similar home prices in your area.

Take into consideration the layout and the position of your home: if it is placed next to a less desirable location, you probably won’t get as much as you hoped for.

No.4 – Your photos are lacking

Everything these days are absorbed visually, which means that the photos you post online should be of high quality.

Have another look at the photos you posted and compare them with other homes on sale in the area: do your photos look better?

If you can’t use a professional photographer, then make sure you don’t make silly mistakes:

Capture all the bedrooms instead of just the master bedroom. Display the strengths of your home. Move some furniture out if it looks too cluttered.

These might seem small things, but they can make a huge difference.

No.5 – Not enough marketing

Let’s face it: the days of print advertising are over.

People rely on the internet to view homes that are for sale and if yours isn’t up to standard then it won’t be noticed.

Instead of wasting money on flyers and brochures, spend the money on hiring a company that can create a virtual tour of your home. If you can’t afford it, shoot the video yourself and upload it to YouTube.

Hold open houses on Sundays that coincide with other neighborhood showings and then ask for feedback from clients that toured your home.

If your home isn’t selling, it is not the end of the world. Simply adjust your approach with these easy tips!

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