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6 Home Renovation Ideas for Senior Citizens

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  • 1 - Add Mobility
  • 2 - Choose the Right Tiles
  • 3 - Open Floor with no Obstructions
  • 4 - Adequate Lighting
  • 5 - Vibrant Colors
  • 6 - Practical Design

While you may be comfortable living in the home of your choice, you probably don’t think about what the senior citizens in your house would want in their house as they grow older.

With age, it becomes tough for older adults to carry out their day to day activities with ease. They might face a lot of problems that concern their vision and mobility. One of the ways to help them live comfortably is by safely making their homes senior proof

Home remodeling can make their homes more accessible and safe. Instead of renovating the whole house, you can choose the problematic areas and work on them. You must select the right kind of materials to install at their homes. With correct renovations, you can lessen the consequences of falling or skidding inside the house.

If their home is well protected, the seniors will get the confidence to carry out their activities by themselves without worrying about any physical discomfort. A good house renovations plan should include everything that satisfies all the requirements of senior citizens.

Below are six basic ideas that will help you in making an accurate home renovation plan for senior citizens:

1 – Add Mobility

To increase mobility, you need to pay attention to small things such as leveled floors and step-free walkways. By doing so, you ensure that they don’t fall and injure themselves.

You can think of installing an elevator or a chair lift that attaches to the stairs for easy mobility between the floors of the house.

You can also add ramps in and around the house to allow them to travel comfortably from one place to another with the help of a 4-wheel mobility scooter.

2 – Choose the Right Tiles

Most in-house accidents happen due to slipping on the tiles.

The weakening of the bones increases the chances of older adults to slip easily over the tiles. It would be beneficial for the seniors if you replace all the skid-proof tiles with anti-skid tiles to reduce the chances of them getting hurt.

Getting ceramic tiles is a good idea as they are easy to accommodate a wheelchair and help in easy mobility of the seniors by reducing the risk of accidents.

3 – Open Floor with no Obstructions

Misplaced or randomly placed items can make senior adults bump into them and fall.

So, you need to minimize obstacles and unclutter the floorplan of their house. Once the floor gets uncluttered, there will be more walking space for them and a greatly reduced risk of falling or bumping into stuff.

For elders who walk with a cane or a walker, an obstruction-free floor will make it easier for them to move around the house without tripping over things.

4 – Adequate Lighting

The lighting in the home also plays a crucial part in making the home accessible for older people.

Many elders might start to lose their vision with age, and it becomes hard for them to find things inside the house.

It would be helpful to keep this fact in mind and cover all areas of the house with adequate lighting. With proper lighting, they won’t have to worry about finding things, and they will easily see all the things around the house.

So, make sure to light up all the corners of their abode.

5 – Vibrant Colors

Color is one of the essential aspects that changes the interior of a house. Colors also have a significant impact on the mood of a person.

Adding vibrant colors to the home of your elders will lift their mood and make them feel happier.

Many older adults become depressed because they interact with fewer people. Adding vibrant colors like yellow, green, etc. to their home can help elevate their mood and make the space lively.

6 – Practical Design

Make sure you give your elders’ home a modern look instead of going for an old fashioned look.

Use a functional design by adding interiors that make it trendy and comfortable for them.

Add some simple gadgets, like lights with sensors or robotic cleaners, to make their lives comfortable. Install blinds instead of curtains to allow less maintenance.

Some simple makeovers can help them keep the home cleaner and give it a modern look. With these little changes, they won’t have to worry about the daily upkeep of the house.

With these six steps, you can redesign the home of the senior members of your family. The primary purpose of the renovation should be to make their home more comfortable and facilitate access.

The points mentioned here will go a long way toward making their home much more pleasant and accessible for them. Also, make it a point to visit them frequently to check up on them and see how they are doing. This will make them happier and less lonely.

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