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10 Quick Home Tricks Every Renter Needs to Know

Story Highlights
  • #1 - Maximize that sofa space
  • #2 - Use temporary curtains
  • #3 - Get rid of wasted space in the kitchen
  • #4 - Turn that shelf into a table
  • #5 - Dust off those storage pockets
  • #6 - Be creative with magnets
  • #7 - How about those spacious suitcases
  • #8 - Apply binder clips
  • #9 - Use tension rods to increase storage space
  • #10 - Perfect your paper product storage

Living in an apartment means that you probably don’t have a lot of space to work with and storage can become a problem from time to time.

Even though apartments come with lots of perks such as gyms, recreational centres, and communal pools, the apartments themselves aren’t known for their huge amount of space.

With a little bit of creativity and these few tips, you can easily transform your small flat into something spacious and create the illusion that the place is larger than it actually is!

Here are 10 DIY home tricks every renter needs to know:

#1 – Maximize that sofa space

If you pull your couch away from the wall you can easily use the 50cm extra space to store suitcases, holiday decorations and other infrequently used items.

You can also take the extra step and build a slim table that covers the wall behind the sofa and by default your storage items.

#2 – Use temporary curtains

Landlords usually don’t like curtains because it means that curtain railings need to be put up and those tend to leave holes in the walls.

However, you can bypass this by using large adhesive hooks and setting the rod into the hook. Just make sure the curtains are lightweight.

#3 – Get rid of wasted space in the kitchen

Furthermore, adhesive hooks work great as a hanger for mugs and cups. Bottom line: these work great because they won’t cause damage if you remove them.

You can also put an unused chopping board over the counter to extend your counter space.

#4 – Turn that shelf into a table

If you don’t have much floor space but you need a small nightstand for your bedroom, you can always install a shelf and use it as a table.

They are relatively inexpensive at the hardware store and they are easy to install & can also be used as end tables next to couches.

#5 – Dust off those storage pockets

Remember those over-the-door shoe pockets?

These make great storage units for tight spaces! Plus, you can put anything in there, not just shoes.

Hang it behind a door to store cleaning bottles or scrub brushes, or inside the grocery cupboard to store spices and sauces. How about that?!

#6 – Be creative with magnets

Magnet knife racks aren’t necessarily limited to knives. You can use it to hang measuring cups or put it up in the bathroom for things like tweezers.

Heck, install one in the home office to hang things like pens or paperclips, too.

#7 – How about those spacious suitcases

Vintage suitcases are all the rage when it comes to redecorating the apartment and what’s more is that it can be used as storage as well!

Maybe pop a few of them in a corner or use it as a very stylish coffee table.

#8 – Apply binder clips

Binder clips have unlimited uses and when placed on the edge of a desk, they can hold cables together.

Ever thought of using them in the fridge to keep your bottles in a perfect pyramid or attach it to the duvet to keep the covers in place.

#9 – Use tension rods to increase storage space

Apartments can be limited in cabinet space, so purchase a tension rod and hang it underneath the basin. Here you can hang cleaning bottles, freeing up some space.

They can also be used vertically to store things like baking sheets or clothes (just don’t overload them).

#10 – Perfect your paper product storage

And, last but not least, paper towels and toilet paper take up a lot of space when you store them under a sink or in a cupboard.

You can use a wall-mounted wine rack to hold your paper products, which could also be used for rolled-up towels.


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