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7 Home Upgrades That Your Family Will Thank You For

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  • 1 -- Secure Valuables
  • 2 -- Insulation
  • 3 -- Smart Technology
  • 4 -- Updated Kitchen
  • 5 -- Add a Bathroom
  • 6 -- Increase Your Living Space
  • 7 -- Outdoor Escape

Deciding how to approach your desire for home improvement requires an evaluation of many factors.

Everything from budget to time to weave construction into your schedule are all a part of the evaluation. While these projects can often have a big payout, they can require a bit of a sacrifice in the meantime. This is why you need to ensure that your return on investment is worth it.

As you consider what work needs to be done in your home, here are 7 upgrades that everyone in the family will be sure to think are truly worth the investment and short-term sacrifice:

1 — Secure Valuables

If you are considering upgrades, your safety and security are paramount.

While home security systems can give you a sense of protection, having a ‘safe room’ or even installing a vault door to protect your most valuable possessions will be added layers that might be well worth it.

You can rest assured that whether you are at home or when you are away that your belongings are stored away safely.

2 — Insulation

If you have never considered assessing and replacing the insulation in your home, it may be time to add this to your renovation to-do list.

Many homes in South Africa have never been insulated, but there are plenty of materials that have improved and been updated over the years.

Or, by replacing the existing insulation in your home to more advanced materials, you can improve your home’s energy efficiency, reduce your environmental impact and lower your utility bills.

3 — Smart Technology

Another advancement in home improvement is the ability to make a home smarter and better tailored to your life and needs.

Smart technology can be as simple as replacing traditional locks with smart locks and installing other smarter appliances to constructing fully smart rooms; however, by introducing smarter solutions, you can live in a home that is working more efficiently for you.

You’ll be surprised at how you got by without this assistance.

4 — Updated Kitchen

Kitchens are rooms that see a lot of use, and also because of this can sustain a significant amount of damage or wear and tear.

If you want to a renovation project that will truly pay off, make sure that you add an updated and improved kitchen to your wish list.

Everything from a double oven to expanding the space to a beautiful backsplash can transform this room from your least to your most favorite.

5 — Add a Bathroom

If you find that your family members are always fighting over bathroom space, it may be time to add a bathroom.

Not only can this increase your home’s value, but you can reduce the amount of time people spend fighting over sink space in the mornings. Let everyone have their own space to spread out and enjoy the fun of crafting a beautiful space.

6 — Increase Your Living Space

One of the biggest mistakes within homes is the underutilized space that is right in front of you.

With some imagination, you could be working with more space than you ever realized.

Renovating your unfinished basement, making livable space out of your underutilized attic, or integrating storage solutions into a cluttered closet, can be wonderful ways to make your home everything that you ever dreamed.

7 — Outdoor Escape

Your backyard is another space that is often underutilized.

The exterior of your home can be so much more than just the back of your house.

Consider creating your own outdoor oasis by building a place that you can escape to with café inspired seating to host your loved ones, a secret garden, or a small pond and waterfall, you may be surprised at the vast possibilities ahead of you. Your backyard can serve as a space that is a respite and give you a place where you can decompress from the stress of the world.

The number of home renovation projects that you could choose is truly infinite. There is always something to be done and always something to try out; however, if you want to make the most of your time, effort and budget, you should consider these 7 options that will benefit and delight the entire family.



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