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Why Are Homeowners Inclined Towards Concrete Polishing?

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  • All Types of Floors Can Be Polished
  • There Are Many Benefits of Polishing
  • Ideal Places For Installing Polished Concrete
  • The Cost Involved In The Process

Property owners are increasingly turning towards polished concrete as a superb flooring option because a surface can look glossy, clean, and attractive after it is laid.

Concrete polishing can be done on any existing concrete and there are no pre-requisites for it and that makes it a wonderful choice for any owner.

In earlier days, the polished concrete surface was preferred only at commercial establishments. Later, it was seen that with its easy handling features, increased availability, and reduction in cost. It has become the choicest flooring option for many homeowners.

Did you know that concrete polishing is performed by robust machines that slowly grind an existing concrete surface so that the needed smoothness, luster, and shine can be achieved? The whole process can be compared to wood sanding for making a comparison.

We take a look here at how the process can be helpful for a homeowner to understand its benefits:

All Types of Floors Can Be Polished

Concrete polishing can be performed on practically any type of floor, whether old or new. However, there are some requirements for the same.

For example, a floor should have been laid at least 28 days before the process being performed so that adequate curing can be guaranteed.

Also, some initial preparations may have to be made so that any dirt, blemishes or accumulated grease can be removed before the process.

It does not matter if the floor is newly constructed or just needs polishing. You need to have a smooth surface area.

There Are Many Benefits of Polishing

In recent years concrete polishing has emerged as one of the top choices in surface flooring due to many reasons.

Firstly, it is an easy-to-clean and cost-saving flooring option. Conventional floor covering items will not be needed as the grade slab itself is used as the flooring surface.

Moreover, it does not allow dust, dirt, and allergens to accumulate freely. A polished surface is more resistant to mechanical shocks and offers an enhanced service life.

Concrete polishing can also help a floor to breathe easily and reflect ample light so that the need for artificial lighting can be reduced. Finally, this type of floor is very easy to maintain, and only regular mopping can be enough to keep it clean. 

Ideal Places For Installing Polished Concrete

Concrete polishing is a durable and flexible option to get a gorgeous floor due to which it can be used in several places.

Generally, it can be suitable for office buildings, retail stores, private residences, hospitals, warehouses, auto showrooms as well as hotels, and restaurants.

No matter where you use it, make sure the method of application of the polish is perfect or else the money and time spent on it will not be worth.

It can be used at any place where there is a high footfall and at the same time, enough attractive appeal has to be maintained at all times.

The Cost Involved In The Process

As already said, concrete polishing can be a cost-saving option for any property owner as its installation prices can be quite cheap.

Although the same may depend on square meter rate, the complexity of a project, design options, area, and the needed preparation. Consulting a contractor to get the exact prices can always be a good idea before starting a job. 

Polished concrete has caught the imagination of property owners to a large extent so that a dazzling and plush look can be achieved after its installation. This is why more people are inclining to install polished concretes within their area.

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