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Main House Features That Create Bad Feng Shui

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  • No.1 - Front door is directly aligned with the back door
  • No.3 - Bathroom is facing the front door
  • No.4 - Staircase is in the centre of the home
  • No.5 - Main bedroom is over the garage
  • No.2 - Staircase facing the front door

The energy of a house is just as important as the rest of the house.

If negative vibes are flowing through your house, it is definitely going to affect your harmony and equilibrium.

Feng shui practitioners have found that there are several features in a home that can create bad feng shui and this should be avoided when buying a house.

If you already have a house and you encounter bad feng shui, there are ways to fix them. Here are five features that you may want to avoid:

No.1 – Front door is directly aligned with the back door

When practising feng shui, it helps to imagine chi (energy) as water flowing through your home.

Energy, like water, is a powerful element that can easily escape and rush through the home if the front and back doors are aligned. This slows down the nourishing effect of the house and allows good energy to escape.

There are, however, many ways to cure it. Furniture and pot plants can be placed in such a way that it interrupts the flow of the chi and steer it towards the rest of the house.

No.2 – Staircase facing the front door

Feng shui practitioners refer to the front door as the mouth of the chi. This area is where the house absorbs most of its energy to nourish the house.

If the staircase faces the front door, all the good energy will immediately rush up the stairs, leaving the ground floor barren.

To redirect the chi in this case, you can place artwork, pot plants, and mirrors near the front door so that the energy is distributed to the rest of the house. 

No.3 – Bathroom is facing the front door

Bathrooms are generally considered to be a room where the energy becomes less and it completely drained from the space.

If the bathroom faces the front door, it can be disastrous because it drains any new energy from coming into the house.

This is fairly common in newer homes because they have been constructed without considering feng shui principals, especially if there is a guest bathroom in the house.

The best solution for this problem is to create a focal point just inside the entryway to draw the energy away from the bathroom. 

No.4 – Staircase is in the centre of the home

A staircase in the centre of a home is a typical sign of bad feng shui.

No matter what the staircase is made out of and no matter how beautiful it looks, it is not the best idea if you want good energy flowing in your home.

The centre of the home is usually the heart of the home and having a huge structure like a staircase in the middle, disrupts the flow of energy.

Make sure the energy around the staircase is fully grounded. Place meaningful artwork or family photos near the area to anchor the chi flowing through it. 

No.5 – Main bedroom is over the garage

A bedroom over the garage is bad for feng shui for a couple of reasons.

Firstly, garages have a lot of in-and-out motions and this unsettles the energy. This is exactly the opposite of what you want in a bedroom.

Secondly, garages are typically filled with clutter and a cluttered room also disrupts the energy. These two problems can hinder peaceful sleep and a good night’s rest.

You can fix this by moving the bedroom to another room and if this is not possible, you can use grounding techniques to anchor the good energy to the room. 


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